Eagle Eye Networks

Eagle Eye Cloud Video Surveillance FAQ

Eagle Eye Background

Eagle Eye Networks is a security and operations video management company. Eagle Eye Networks provides an on-demand security and operations VMS in conjunction with a surveillance video API platform.

Engineering began in the summer of 2012, and Eagle Eye Networks officially launched its first product, the Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS, in January 2014.

We have offices in Austin, Amsterdam, Tokyo, and Bangalore. Please contact us if you’d like to stop by.

We do not sell directly to the user. We sell through the channel, which means that we work with partners who sell to the end customer. If you’re an end user, don’t let that scare you off – we will put you in contact with a channel partner who will be the best fit for you.

Eagle Eye Cloud Platform

The entire Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS is built on the Eagle Eye Cloud Video API, opening the door for different types of integration like, for example, access control systems.

Our API is open to all interested developers – check out our dedicated API page. In May 2014, we sponsored APIcon, a hackathon in San Francisco – the winning team used our API, along with the APIs from Evernote, Pubnub, and more.

The Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS is a standalone system that does not work with other VMS systems.

Eagle Eye Networks utilizes Complete Privacy Encryption, technology implemented in the Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS and Eagle Eye Video API Platform that encrypts and keeps the video private and secure. All data undergoes bank-level encryption at rest and during transmission, keeping it secure from beginning to end.

Eagle Eye Camera Compatibility

The Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS is compatible with a large number of ONVIF and analog cameras. We are constantly adding new cameras to the list – check our current list of compatible cameras here.

No problem! We work with the majority of analog cameras. There’s no need to do a complete overhaul of your analog system if you aren’t ready, the Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS has built in encoders that will work with your existing analog cameras. If you know you will be moving towards digital in the future, the Eagle Eye system is a great transition as it works with both analog and IP cameras.

IP Cameras are the new generation of digital cameras. Analog cameras are the older generation cameras with a similar quality to a VCR. While analog cameras are fairly inexpensive, the picture quality often leaves a lot to be desired. The new digital IP Cameras provide better pictures as well as many additional capabilities such as analytics and wireless options.

We do work with a number of PTZ cameras. Check our camera compatibility list to see if your camera is included.
We do work with a number of wireless cameras. Check our camera compatibility list to see if your camera is included.

We’re constantly adding new cameras to the list. Contact us and let us know which cameras you’re using; we’ll get started on making it work for you.

Using the Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS

We have an on-site appliance, the bridge. Additionally, while some of our models have a built in PoE component, we recommend using a PoE switch for the models that do not.

The bridge is our cloud-managed on-premise appliance that connects the cameras to the Eagle Eye data center where the video is stored. The bridge buffers the video in case the internet connection goes down. The bridge also does the encryption, data de-duplication, bandwidth management, motion analysis, and compression of the video.

It’s simple. In fact, we have a video of a 6th grader setting up the Eagle Eye Bridge in less than 5 minutes.

No download needed. Plus, we manage updates for the bridge remotely, so no effort from the user is required.

We recommend 400 kbps per IP camera. This is not a rule, however. Our system is flexible and there are many different settings that can be adjusted to make our system work with your upload bandwidth. Read this for an in-depth look at bandwidth, along with some examples.

As many as you want. In fact, the Eagle Eye VMS is ideal for multiple locations.

Eagle Eye Networks owns the bridge. We also keep it updated, maintain it, and address any issues that there might be with it. In the case of the CMVR, the customer owns it.