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Video Surveillance and Analytics for Car Dealerships

Car dealerships can improve security and business operations with Eagle Eye Networks cloud-based video surveillance and artificial intelligence (AI) video analytics.

Eagle Eye Networks Cloud VMS (Video Management System) is built to meet the security needs of car dealerships today and tomorrow.

cloud video surveillance for ar dealership showroom

Cloud Video Surveillance For Car Dealerships

Auto Dealerships need a secure and reliable video surveillance system that is easily accessible and offers smart features for multiple settings – lobbies & waiting areas, car lots, offices, and restricted areas.

With Eagle Eye Networks Cloud VMS, auto dealerships can rely on a flexible system that is easy to manage and adjust based on the needs of a specified area and the business as a whole.


Why Choose Eagle Eye Networks?

Eagle Eye Networks Cloud VMS offers an integrated surveillance system that goes beyond security, providing useful business tools for auto dealership owners and managers.

Flexible, Affordable Surveillance

  • Use existing cameras or choose the camera that is best for your needs and budget.
  • Scale to add new cameras, video analytics, and locations at any time.
  • Remotely manage users, camera retention and resolution.

Improve Security

  • Receive real-time alerts for suspicious activity.
  • Monitor multiple locations and cameras from a single dashboard.
  • Immediately find and easily share video during critical incidents.

Increase Business Efficiency

  • Gain valuable insights into customer behavior with video analytics.
  • Use data to make informed staffing decisions.
  • Track fleet availability in real-time with our Vehicle Surveillance Package.

Features of Eagle Eye Networks Cloud VMS

camera management icon

Manage multiple cameras, locations, and users from a single interface.

mobile solution icon

Securely access live and recorded video from any mobile or web browser.

security emergency icon

Pre-designate first responders who receive real time security camera access when needed.

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Reach our trained technicians 24/7/365 – No automated messages or call centers.

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System stays current and secure with continuous automatic updates.

video analytics data

Intelligent bandwidth management dynamically adjusts transmission and use.

Search Your Surveillance Video The Same Way You Search The Web

Smart Video Search

Eagle Eye Smart Video Search allows users to search all surveillance video from any camera to find specific people, vehicles, and objects (IE: person in a red sweatshirt, Toyota truck, backpack).

laptop cover 1 - Car Dealership Video Surveillance and Analytics

Make Informed Decisions


Powerful artificial intelligence combined with cloud video retention can automatically detect security risks and send alerts or track customer and employee patterns for data-driven decisions.

License Plate Recognition video analytics


Manage loaner fleet and improve customer service.

analytics intrusion - Car Dealership Video Surveillance and Analytics


Remotely monitor the lot perimeter after hours.

analytics object counting - Car Dealership Video Surveillance and Analytics


Gather data on showroom foot traffic.

analytics loitering - Car Dealership Video Surveillance and Analytics


Keep track of wait times in service areas and lingering customers.

The Eagle Eye Networks Difference

Tread Icons 11 - Car Dealership Video Surveillance and Analytics


Cloud data centers built and managed entirely by Eagle Eye Networks

Copy of EEN Icon AI - Car Dealership Video Surveillance and Analytics


Exclusively designed for the future of video surveillance and AI

Copy of EEN Icon AccessControl - Car Dealership Video Surveillance and Analytics


Encoded transmission and retention designed by cybersecurity experts

Copy of EEN Icon DataCloud - Car Dealership Video Surveillance and Analytics


Flexible, open platform integrates with other mission critical applications


Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about how your business can benefit from Eagle Eye Networks Cloud VMS.

Eagle Eye Cloud VMS is sold through a global network of certified business security resellers. Contact Eagle Eye Networks and our team will set you up with the system that is best for your needs and will work with your existing security provider or connect you with one of our certified resellers in your area to install and manage your Eagle Eye Networks Cloud video surveillance system.

Yes, Eagle Eye Networks offers a risk-free trial with cameras. Schedule a demo to get started with a no-obligation trial system today.
At the end of the trial period, Eagle Eye Networks equipment must be returned or purchased.

Eagle Eye Networks offers cloud solutions for businesses with any range of needs and budgets. There are multiple factors that go into pricing a cloud-based video surveillance system including the number of new and existing cameras, video retention requirements, advanced video analytics, and camera resolution. To get an accurate estimate for your project please contact Eagle Eye Networks to be connected with a certified reseller for a free demo to move forward with a pricing estimate.

Eagle Eye Networks offers exceptional 24/7/365 global customer support with trained technicians dedicated to solving any issues you may have as part of our cloud video surveillance subscription. Eagle Eye Networks end user direct technical support does not use phone trees, automated messages, or outsourced call centers. Customer support is also available through our in-app chat.

In 2021 Eagle Eye Networks won the SSI Stellar Service Award for Technical Support.

One of the major differences between Eagle Eye Networks and other cloud security platforms is that with Eagle Eye you can use existing cameras or choose the security camera that is best for your needs and budget. Eagle Eye Networks offers a wide range of cameras and the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS is compatible with thousands of camera makes and models, including IP, analog, and HD over Coax. We are continually adding more camera makes and models to our list of supported cameras.

If you have a warranty question about an existing Eagle Eye Networks product or system, please contact Customer Support.

Eagle Eye Networks offers standard and expanded Rapid Replacement warranty options. Eagle Eye Networks standard warranty includes indefinite conditional repair or replacement coverage for Eagle Eye Networks equipment provided as part of an Eagle Eye installation – including Eagle Eye Bridges. For purchased Eagle Eye cameras, CMVRs, and switches, Eagle Eye offers a conditional 2-year repair or replace warranty. Eagle Eye Rapid Replacement warranty service covers all Eagle Eye Bridges, CMVRs, cameras, and switches for up to 20 years and includes free, expedited shipping and handling.

Yes, our industry leading and open Eagle Eye API Cloud platform means customers can integrate easily with other mission-critical applications. There are no additional costs or complications to use our publicly available API. Eagle Eye Networks has a global ecosystem of technology partners that delivers integrated solutions and applications to further extend and complement the capabilities of our video surveillance and AI platform to meet the unique business and security needs of customers in virtually every industry.

Yes, Eagle Eye administrators can adjust data retention at any time for any camera. This includes increasing or decreasing retention duration periods.

The Vehicle Surveillance Package (VSP) is an add-on feature that detects and captures license plate and other vehicle information triggering real-time alerts, making decisions to grant or deny access, and making other operational judgments. Users can search for vehicles across multiple sites and quickly review video using the playback function.

No, Eagle Eye Networks does not require a contract. Eagle Eye Networks offers a range of flexible subscriptions and billing options based on the needs of our customers. Businesses can choose from flexible monthly, yearly, and multiyear subscriptions. One, three, and five year subscriptions offer discounted rates and protect customers from potential inflationary price increases for the length of the subscription. Customers with monthly subscriptions are not required to commit to service beyond one month.

Eagle Eye Networks offers a risk-free trial with cameras. Schedule a demo to get started with no obligation today.

Yes, you can communicate remotely through your business surveillance system with our 2-Way Audio communication support feature from Eagle Eye Networks.

Yes, Eagle Eye Networks is one of the most flexible business surveillance systems on the market, making it easy for business owners to scale their surveillance system based on company needs. If your business expands to new locations, the new location can be added to an existing Eagle Eye Cloud VMS, no matter what kind of system was previously used at that location. Business owners also have the flexibility to add new cameras or change the retention, resolution, or video analytics used on individual cameras at any time.

In addition to our industry leading Cloud VMS, Eagle Eye Networks offers a range of flexible on-prem or hybrid storage solutions for businesses that have specific surveillance retention needs. The Eagle Eye Cloud Managed Video Recorder (CMVR) addresses bandwidth challenges and redundant storage needs – adding the ability to store video onsite while offering cloud connectivity.

Learn More About Eagle Eye Networks Solutions For Car Dealerships

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