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Video Surveillance for Retail System & AI Video Analytics from Eagle Eye Networks

Imagine a retail video surveillance system with advanced video analytics that can monitor activity across all of your locations and each of your camera views from one device – instantly

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The Eagle Eye Networks video surveillance for retail systems with advanced video analytics reduces the cost and complexity associated with traditional video solutions. From a single platform, retailers can view cameras across all locations, from anywhere. Equipped with advanced features and analytics, retailers can minimize loss, strengthen security and even gain valuable insight into customer behavior.

Best Security Cameras for Retail

Why Choose Eagle Eye Networks Video Surveillance for Retail System with AI Video Analytics

Eagle Eye Networks is simple to install, easy to use and requires low-maintenance. Paired with broad camera compatibility, numerous analytic tools, and an open API platform, Eagle Eye Networks provides businesses with a tool that is more than just a video security system.

Create a Better Retail Experience For Customers and Staff

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Easily add or remove any user and adjust their access levels for seamless video management across locations

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Open API platform allows for video integration with a wide range of third-party technology applications.

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Scalability at a flexible price point with over 3,000 compatible cameras, including IP, analog and HD over Coax.

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Quickly pinpoint when an incident or theft occurred and share video evidence with the appropriate authorities.

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Deep-linked, time-stamped footage emailed from custom alerts take you directly to the recording of the events.

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Point-of-sale (POS) systems integrations consolidate all transaction data for analysis and minimized loss.

Flexible Storage Options

Cloud storage is the ideal solution in most cases, but sometimes you need on-premise storage as well. The Eagle Eye Cloud VMS lets you select what video is stored on-premise, and what video is stored in the cloud. Choose by camera, by time and by resolution,and record to both locations for reliability and redundancy. The intuitive interface stays the same regardless of where your video is stored.

Retail Video Surveillance

Optimize Store Operations Using Eagle Eye Retail Surveillance System

Advanced video analytics turn your video security system into a powerful store optimization tool. Retailers receive visibility into the day-to-day operations of the store while also gaining insight into opportunities for security and customer experience improvement.

people counting

Identify how many people visited a location, peak business hours, and how often consumers passed a display with People Counting analytics.


Reduce vandalism and break-ins by sending alerts when an individual or vehicle stays in one place too long with Loitering analytic.

Retail Surveillance Camera

Camera Tampering analytic keeps you alerted to a retail surveillance camera as being blocked, covered or moved.

line crossing detection

Line Crossing detects when vulnerable areas are breached and notifies you in real-time.

Improve Your Investigation of Suspicious Cash Register Transactions

Theft and fraudulent purchases are one of the biggest issues retailers face. Scrolling through video and POS data from multiple sources can be a painful, time-consuming process. POS and Eagle Eye Cloud Video integrations provide side-by-side data with associated footage and transaction reporting.

Retail Customers

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