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Smart City Video Surveillance System with AI Video Analytics

Future-Proof City Video Surveillance with the Eagle Eye Cloud Technology

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Transform your city into a safer, smarter, more connected community with the Eagle Eye Cloud Video Management System (VMS), a comprehensive smart city video surveillance solution. Rapidly deploy our leading cloud video surveillance platform citywide, without the hassle of ongoing hardware and server maintenance associated with antiquated installations. Easily navigate between cameras, securely access video from any device, and use existing cameras or choose from more than 3,000 compatible cameras. 

Rapidly Deploy 4G/5G Video Surveillance with Reduced Capital Costs and Ease of Installation

Deploying fiber optic cables can be expensive, time consuming, and is unrealistic for many city infrastructures. Leveraging 4G/5G technology leads to a faster, more robust network better equipped to support quality video images.

When deploying a citywide surveillance project, scalability, retention, and cellular transmission must be considered. Eagle Eye’s cloud video retention and massive on-demand scalability make it an ideal solution for rapid, comprehensive, large-scale deployments.

smart city video surveillance systems

Instantly Available and Infinitely Scalable with AI

The Eagle Eye Cloud VMS future-proofs city video surveillance investments, providing a scalable and cost-effective solution to support the vast data storage and analysis demands of citywide deployments. 

Open Platform with Numerous Third-Party Technology Options

The Eagle Eye Cloud VMS is an open API platform, allowing for video integration with a wide range of third-party technology applications. Easily integrate with third-party video analytics, license plate recognition systems, facial recognition systems, and more. All integrations are cloud-to-cloud, so it’s quick, easy, robust, and reliable.

Real-Time Collaboration with First Responders

In emergency situations, every minute counts, and it’s critical for law enforcement and other first responders to react immediately. Eagle Eye Cloud VMS administrators can pre-designate first responders who can receive immediate real-time access to security cameras, providing clear, advanced insight into emergency situations.

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