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Eagle Eye Video API Platform

Extend the power of your video management system with proven infrastructure built for massive scale

Eagle eye video api integration

Improve Your Business

Eagle Eye’s application programming interface (API) platform handles all the heavy lifting, including interfacing with cameras, recording video, securely transmitting it to the cloud, storing it, and making it available for use in your applications.

Integrations made easy

Benefits of the Eagle Eye Video API Platform

Build Faster

Build custom video surveillance solutions with ease by adding simple out-of-the-box integrations.

Customize More Easily

Our powerful and flexible platform allows for easy customization. Streamline and enhance the functionality of your systems to solve the use and management of your applications.

Reduce Costs Today and Future Proof for Tomorrow

Don’t start from scratch – easily connect to third-party technologies without having to re-architect, all while adapting to your business’ evolving needs.

A Solution For Everyone

Types of Integrations

Access Control

Smart Sensors

Alarm Management

Point Of Sale

AI & Analytics

License Plate Recognition

Smart Parking

Smart Building Management

Best-In-Class Technology

Trusted Partners

Eagle Eye Networks partners with hundreds of leading technology companies, providing integrations with mission-critical apps, such as point-of-sale, access control, and analytics. Our partners help us extend your security surveillance system beyond mere monitoring to a powerful business optimization tool, all without the need for multiple apps, highly-skilled staff, or special software

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