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Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Texas

Ronald McDonald House Charities
of Central Texas

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Texas
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“To have Eagle Eye come in and use their system and implement it on our existing infrastructure cut costs immensely, and it was after that revelation it was the only solution that we were interested in.” 

Derrick Lesnau
Chief Operating Officer
Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Texas


Domino’s Pizza


“As a multi-unit operator, I think it’s extremely important to have your eyes and ears in every location. Eagle Eye gave us a great opportunity to do that. We can look in our restaurants at all times, not just for security and safety, but for coaching, training, and teaching. Having our data in the cloud is an enormous help.”

Brent Medders
Domino’s Franchisee (26 Stores)
Domino’s Pizza


Planet Fitness


“Eagle Eye allows me to see all of my clubs all at once, ensuring brand consistency and high levels of customer service. I can also grant access to the regional and assistant managers, so they can view their clubs from their phones. Now, we are much more efficient, as an organization, with our overall operations.”

Joe Bernatowicz
Franchise Owner
Planet Fitness




“I tend to be an early adopter, but I did a lot of research before making my decision. Eagle Eye Networks definitely gives you the best value for your dollar. My goal is to get all of my restaurants on Eagle Eye’s surveillance system by the end of 2017.”

Rob Rianna
Franchise Owner


Ladd Stadium


“The Eagle Eye Networks system has been a great tool for us at Ladd-Peebles Stadium. Since we’ve installed it, we’ve not only seen a decrease in security incidents, but we’ve used the video to control crowds and apprehend individuals. Our facility is more secure, both during events and during quiet time.”

Vic Knight
Stadium Manager
Ladd-Peebles Stadium

La Permanence_Logo

La Permanence

EEN_Customer Testimonial_ Stori x La Permenance-vbtn

Co-working space La Permanence owns 3 locations in the Paris région, in France. Due to the evolution of the labour market, they offer affordable working spaces to Freelance workers and young entrepreneurs. Within their business, video surveillance is a vital part.
“When I wake up in the morning, I can easily do a quick status check-up of every location to determine if something happened or not”

Manesse Clam
La Permanence


Valley Hotel

valley hotel

“Eagle Eye is much more of a tool, rather than just a security system. We use Eagle Eye for the day-to-day management of our business. The sub-user management system has proven to be very valuable. We’ve set up different layouts for different employees. For example, our bar managers can see the bar and monitor the stock, the staff, and the customers.”

Trace Blackwell
Hotel Manager
The Valley Hotel


Oakwood School District


“We were looking for one system that would take care of all three schools. Eagle Eye is cloud-based, so I can be anywhere and pull up the high-quality footage on my phone. The local police also have access to our video, so if there’s a situation, they can see what’s happening.”

Gary Lewis
Oakwood School District

fourth street mall

Fourth Street Berkeley Mall

Fourth Street Berkeley Mall

“I’m in favor of cloud-based video surveillance because I can access footage anywhere and from any device. We don’t have an onsite management office, so Eagle Eye Networks provides that 24/7 visual review. We also work with the local police, so they have direct access to our account.”

Michael Libertore
General Manager
Fourth Street Berkeley Mall


Mobile Police Department

Mobile PD

“Eagle Eye is naturally a great fit for our Project Sheild partnership. It’s video in the cloud, which allows us the easiest connectivity at the real-time crime center and the joint operations center. Eagle Eye’s encrypted, secure connection is also a huge selling point for us.”

Commander Kevin Levy
Cyber-Intelligence Unit
Mobile Police Department

emd wolle logo - Cloud Video Customer Videos

EMD Wolle

Screen Shot 2021 12 20 at 8.22.46 AM - Cloud Video Customer Videos

The EEN cameras and CMVR are very easy and quick to install! The customer finds the ease of use of the EEN portal and quick availability of video content via mobile devices extremely beneficial.

Mr Martin Wolle Detektiv emd-wolle Sicherheitsberatung für Industrie und Handel, Videoüberwachung-EDV

Bullewijck by Par Hasard


Bullewijck by Par Hasard is a restaurant in Amsterdam which has chosen Eagle Eye Networks for their Video Surveillance. Interesting about this case is that they are also a user of Lightspeed Cloud POS. Bullewijck aims for simplicity in all their business operations so for them to have a cash register and a video surveillance solution operating both on Cloud Technology is providing many benefits when it comes to user management, flexibility and scalability.

Restaurant Bullewijck


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“The cloud-based Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS well exceeded our requirements for access by law enforcement. It will allow us to designated groups of cameras, and then assign granular permissions for accessing the video from specific camera groups. For example, we can designate: “High school entrance and exits”, “Junior High Hallways” according to those groups.
“Eagle Eye Networks “First Responder Emergency Video” lets us pre-designate our first responders, such as county sheriff and local police, or even our local fire department, who then download the mobile app so they can to instantly view our schools’ video during an emergency.

“I like that we have control where we have the option to only allow access if a situation arises, and to keep it private until we turn on the emergency activation.”

Andrew England
Technology Director
Fairfield Community School District


“The Lawrence Police Department needed to be able to see multiple locations on one interface and they needed to be able to share logins with several different people.
“We turned to the cloud-managed Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS because it was extremely easy to deploy and provided secure remote access. The high-quality images we get can then be retrieved via a smartphone, tablet, or web browser.”

Dennis Bouchard
Director of Operations
East Coast Security


“We chose the Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS to help us provide the safest environment possible for our 800 students in grades Pre K-12 on our 50 acre campus, covering campus entry points as well as our hallways. Their cloud-based surveillance system lets us direct our technology budget towards the classroom, to enhance our students’ educational experience, rather than towards building a large technical support infrastructure.
“One example of the robustness of Eagle Eye Networks’ system is their First Responder Real-time Video Access feature. If we ever have an emergency situation, we can use the Eagle Eye Viewer mobile app or a web browser to give first responder immediate access to our cameras. The First Responders would not need any special equipment to see the video in such an emergency situation.”

Wayne Marks
Brentwood Christian School

xprize logo cl - Cloud Video Customer Videos

“It’s really easy to use the mobile application as well, so I can see from anywhere. I was really surprised and impressed with the clarity of the camera that is looking through the water. Especially as we are looking through about 40 feet of ocean water at the sensors.
“I also appreciate the ease with which I can use the EE system, because it has a time and motion monitor, so I can access any segment of the video I need to review what happened on a particular day. We are really happy with the Eagle Eye Networks system. In fact, we are taking it with us to our next ocean test phase in Seattle.”

Dr. Jyotika Virmani
Technical Director
Ocean Health XPRIZE


“We have now deployed the Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS at five customers, including a homeowners association, a church and preschool, a lakeside clubhouse, and a police station. We continue to be impressed with Eagle Eye’s great picture quality, reliability, its broad choice of cameras, and how easy it is to add new sites.
“Eagle Eye was very easy to implement, even for our installers who were experts on analog cameras rather than IP cameras. Their digital IP camera system was just plug-and-play; we didn’t have to do any routing configuration. The images are great and it just works – the playback is always there when we need it. We manage video monitoring for our customers, and this level of reliability is critical.”

David Manento
Royal Security Services


“Our Eagle Eye security camera system has 15 cameras across multiple floors of our 50,000 square foot facility. We have had a couple of security related incidents occur and were able to use the Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS to quickly and easily do the forensic search to identify the people involved. Eagle Eye fully encrypts the video, so we know the content is completely secure – this is an absolute requirement for us. Eagle Eye does all the video management, so I can focus on other operations rather than worrying about managing system software or hardware.”
Sarah Cox
Operations Manager
Capital Factory


“Even in places with people running software on a video capture board they don’t know if it’s up or down, and when they need critical video it isn’t there.
“With [Eagle Eye] technology, it’s there 100 percent of the time, and we are monitoring the bridges and cameras.”

John Murphy
ProTec Video


“PSA Integrators have been asking for a cloud solution, but prior to Eagle Eye we hadn’t felt comfortable recommending one.
“Eagle Eye has finally addressed the security concerns and bandwidth management issues in such a way that it makes cloud based video surveillance a viable technology. Beyond the technology, it provides a new source of recurring revenue for our integrators.”

Bill Bozeman
President & CEO
PSA Network


“We have a gated community, and given my own background in security and software, I knew exactly what I wanted in a security camera system for our entrance and exit. Eagle Eye Networks met my criteria. Eagle Eye not only had the mobile access we needed, but its off-premise recording means we don’t have to worry about anyone tampering with our video evidence. By having the Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS in place, we are offering our residential community a greater feeling of protection.”

Phil Burks
Vice President
Stonegate Communities


“I’m a home builder, so I have to stay on top of what’s happening at all of my job sites. I used to have to drive to each site to watch out for theft and vandalism. I had an Eagle Eye surveillance system installed at each site – now I can just check on them from anywhere using Eagle Eye’s web browser access.”

Lynn Currie
Magpie Group


“We have had security cameras for years and the good thing about Eagle Eye is that we are now in the cloud and we can use many of our mobile devices to access our cameras. With the video being in the cloud we don’t have to disk storage or other servers or software that we had before. It really has freed up our system. And it’s easy to expand.”

Billie Buddenhagen
Facilities Director
Ballet Austin


“We host a ton of meetups and events. Every night of the week we have a couple of hundred visitors. That is a big risk there is a lot of stuff that can go wrong. Basically, I can check on everything from my phone or my computer. What’s great about [Eagle Eye Networks’ VMS] is it shows you a little time line so you don’t waste your time. One big influence in our decision to go with Eagle Eye Networks was their CEO Dean Drako’s track record – he was founder of Barracuda Networks, and was their CEO for nine years. He understands security, the cloud, and customer service, and has an impressive background of creating compelling technologies and executing through broad market adoption.”

Josh Baer
Founder & Executive Director
Capital Factory