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Ensure your facility, staff, students, and visitors are safe and your community college campuses are protected without the need for dedicated resources to manage your video surveillance system. The Eagle Eye Cloud Video Management System (VMS) enables you to monitor activity and quickly respond to events – on your main campuses, as well as remote facilities – all in one place, from anywhere, any time. 

Why Community Colleges Choose Eagle Eye Networks

Eagle Eye Networks simplifies video security management and provides a cost-effective scalable solution that lets you expand your security solution incrementally over time. The Eagle Eye Cloud VMS gives you a clear view of what’s taking place at entryways and exits; hallways and classrooms; and even remote buildings, such as sporting, tech training, and agricultural facilities.


Create a Safe Learning Environment With Cloud Video Surveillance

Partner With the Leader in Cybersecurity

All Eagle Eye Networks video is encrypted onsite and remains encrypted at rest, in flight, and in our proprietary cloud. This means your student data is protected and your campuses are not subject to unauthorized viewing or recording of school video.

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Monitor Equipment, Rooms, and Other Assets Via Sensors

Monitor things like temperature, water, and fire via sensors integrated into the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS. View synchronized video with sensor data to identify issues and quickly solve the root cause of a problem. Receive notifications if a room is flooding or a freezer door has been left open, for example, and have access to this real-time sensor information on your computer and mobile device.

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