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Eagle Eye Cabinet Systems

Install video surveillance anywhere and connect to the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS (video management system) even without wired internet or power

Eagle Eye Cabinet Systems

Eagle Eye Cabinet Systems

Key Benefits

Remote access: Access a full resolution stream of live and recorded video from anywhere in the world.

Notifications: Receive alerts and immediately respond with notifications to detected activity in real time.

Artificial Intelligence: Alert on people or vehicle detection with cloud-based AI features like Smart Video Search and AI Filtering.

Secure transmission and storage: Eagle Eye Complete Privacy EncryptionTM technology encrypts and ensures that video is private and secure.

camera direct cabinet system1 - Eagle Eye Networks | Eagle Eye Cabinet Systems

Eagle Eye Anywhere Camera Direct Cabinet Systems

Direct-to-cloud camera solutions for one or two cameras. These systems include a weatherproof enclosure and cellular modem and the “Anywhere” model also includes a solar panel or battery. There are options for bullet or dome cameras.

coming soon cabinet system1 - Eagle Eye Networks | Eagle Eye Cabinet Systems

Additional Cabinet Systems Coming Soon

New outdoor-rated surveillance cabinets will be added to the Cabinet System lineup soon to provide new solutions that extend the reach and capabilities of the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS.

Applications for Eagle Eye Cabinet Systems

Expand deployments and solve all remote outdoor installation needs with Eagle Eye Cabinet Systems

Parking or perimeter areas

Property Management: parking lots, gates, dumpsters

Farming and Cannabis: fields, greenhouses, equipment storage

Parks and outdoor recreational facilities

Commercial: warehouses and lots, equipment/fleet parking

Industrial: power infrastructure, oil and gas, water treatment facilities

Construction: site surveillance and perimeter security

Cabinet Systems Complete

All Cabinet Systems are available as Eagle Eye Complete subscriptions or as a direct hardware purchase. Learn more about this budget-friendly option here.

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