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Eagle Eye Smart Video Search

Save time and money with the ability to search across multiple cameras and sites and return accurate results. Eagle Eye Smart Video Search allows all existing users to search for people, vehicles, or objects without any additional cost, special cameras, or installation required.

Save Time and Money

Benefits of Eagle Eye Smart Video Search

No special cameras or new hardware necessary

Save time and resources when investigating an incident

Find specific video from any camera, narrowing to specific timeframes

Available at no additional cost

Find and share SEARCH results in minutes

Search by Description

Search surveillance video the same way you search the web. (Examples: Person with a blue shirt; backpack; White Toyota car).

Narrow Results by Date/Time

Find specific video or incidents from any location or camera by choosing to view a specific date and time.

See Exact Video Results

Powerful AI delivers fast and accurate search results from any cloud connected cameras and locations.

Easily Download and Share

Make informed decisions during critical incidents with accessible and shareable video clips.

Video SearchTime: CustomFrom: 02/02 10:07 am | To: 02/22 11:23 amBlue Shirt622 results 151617181920212223242526m22:1406:1414:1422:14 DOWNLOAD

Free And Ready To Use

See How Smart Video Search Works

All Eagle Eye users get this powerful AI enhancement for free without any changes to their installations as a new feature in the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS (video management system). Easily enable real time alerts and use data to measure events, simplifying security and improving business operations.

Search for people, vehicles, and objects

Fast, Easy, Accurate Results

Stop wasting time scrubbing through hours of surveillance video. Search your cloud surveillance video the same way you search the web and reliably find the exact video you’re looking for.

Search Multiple Cameras and Sites with Smart Video Search

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