Learn How to Optimize Your Business With Cloud Video Surveillance

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Key Video Surveillance Trends for 2021

Join our experts as they take a deep dive into our “2021 Trends in Video Surveillance eBook,” discussing the acceleration in cloud adoption, the boon in advanced analytics, broadening regulatory oversight, growing IT engagement, and the burgeoning demand for open, connected systems.

Proven Thermal Video Screening Practices for Safer Schools

Thermal imaging systems have been proven to safeguard the health of students, staff, and campus visitors in school districts throughout your state. But they must be installed and maintained appropriately. Join us for our upcoming webinar where our experts will discuss strategies to ensure your thermal imaging system is set up properly, and will cover the key elements of a successful project.

Fisheye Dewarping: How to Do More With Less

Modern 360-degree cameras have become powerful security tools due to their ability to capture large areas without blind spots. Join the Eagle Eye Networks Product Team as they introduce the dewarping feature available on the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS.

What to Look for in a Video Surveillance System

There are many factors to consider when selecting a video surveillance system. With Eagle Eye Networks, users have the ability to customize and scale their system as they see fit. Every project is different – learn what features and functionality will work best for your business.

What's Driving the Shift to Cloud Video

Eagle Eye Networks hosted a webinar to discuss the benefits of incorporating a cloud strategy for your business. We covered:

  • An overview of the Software as a Service (SaaS) industry, and the various cloud computing platforms
  • Digital Video Recorder (DVR), Network Video Recorder (NVR), and cloud video storage options
  • Cloud solutions for capex and opex budgets

Eagle Eye Bridge vs. CMVR

Eagle Eye Networks Cloud VMS requires either a bridge or a cloud managed video recorder (CMVR) to securely connect to the Eagle Eye Cloud. Join this webinar to learn the difference between the two and to pick the right solution for your project. Topics we cover include:

  • What is an Eagle Eye Bridge and an Eagle Eye CMVR?
  • How does this on-site appliance fit within the Eagle Eye architecture?
  • What are the different models and how do I know which one to use?

Acceleration to the Cloud

Security is moving to the Cloud more rapidly than ever, and Eagle Eye Networks is the leader in the video surveillance category. Join us for a high-level discussion on the benefits of incorporating a cloud strategy for your business. The topics covered include:

  • An overview of cloud technology
  • Challenges of traditional video surveillance during COVID-19
  • The advantages of using the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS
  • How businesses are using cloud-based video analytics for remote monitoring.

Get Offsite Cloud Backup for Your Existing Video Surveillance Solution

In this webinar, the Eagle Eye Networks Sales Engineering Team discusses how off-site cloud backup can be added to leading VMS providers with Eagle Eye Cloud Video Replication. The topics covered include:

  • An overview of cloud video replication
  • The benefits of cloud video replication
  • How to set up cloud video replication
  • Things to consider with an existing VMS

The Power of the Open Platform

With Eagle Eye Networks open platform, it’s easy to build new applications or choose from existing best-in-class solutions. Learn how we can create truly innovative security solutions that extend the value of your system and meet any need.

Video Surveillance for the Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry has tight regulations in place regarding video surveillance, and meeting those regulations isn’t always an easy task. Join this webinar to learn how you can effortlessly monitor multiple locations and centralize loss prevention with remote and mobile viewing.

Eagle Eye Networks Product Overview Webinar

Discover how Eagle Eye’s cloud video surveillance solution can help your business. This free webinar will cover:

  • A demo of the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS platform
  • The benefits of fully encrypted, cyber-secure cloud storage
  • Ease of transition to a cloud video surveillance system

Cloud-Based Video Surveillance & AI for the Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Industry

Learn how Cloud-Based Video Surveillance & AI can transform your business and enhance your day-to-day operations in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry

The Cloud at Its Best

Eagle Eye Networks, Brivo, and Swift Sensors present the Cloud at its best. In this webinar, learn how Cloud Video Surveillance, Access Control, and Sensors Seamlessly integrate to make your business safer and improve business intelligence and efficiency.

The Possibilities of the Cloud

Eagle Eye Networks and Salto Systems present the possibilities of the Cloud. Join Hadi Rayess from Eagle Eye Networks and Wouter du Toit from Salto Systems and explore the possibilities of your business when you have Eagle Eye Networks Video Surveillance and Salto Systems Access Control together in the Cloud.

Eagle Eye Networks Updates and Technical Deep Dive

During this webinar, you will receive updates and take a deep dive into key features, such as cybersecurity, intelligent bandwidth management, location, and Camera I/O. In addition to this, you will learn more about our Sales Tool – the Eagle Eye Sales Assistant App.

Why Duxfortec is choosing Cloud Video Surveillance from Eagle Eye Networks

Duxfortec has recently partnered with Eagle Eye Networks, the #1 in Cloud Video Surveillance Worldwide. Cloud is offering many advantages over traditional on-premise systems like easy remote viewing of multiple locations, cybersecurity, easy sharing of video with authorities, and more. Join us for this webinar to see how Cloud Video Surveillance can grow your reseller business and learn why having a cloud offering is necessary in this post-pandemic world.

Learn Key Ways to Keep Your Retail Operations Going, Growing, and Safe

Video surveillance has long been used for loss prevention and incident review. Now, the new retail landscape is creating opportunities to use cloud technology to manage crowds and traffic to generate more revenue per square meter, understand and improve the customer’s in-store journey, ensure improved customer experiences , and better manage staffing to operate more efficiently and effectively.

In this webinar you will learn valuable lessons from a leading retailer experiencing the benefits of cloud video surveillance and the Eagle Eye Networks experts helping retailers reap the benefits of our new reality, all while continuing to protect people and property.

Discover and Benefit from the Eagle Eye Sales Tools (Dutch)

The security industry is moving towards the Cloud faster than ever, and Eagle Eye Networks is the industry leader in Cloud Video Surveillance. More and more projects in the Benelux are making the switch to Cloud Video Surveillance. What is the recipe behind the success of these resellers? Let Eagle Eye Networks be the secret recipe for this and help you achieve these same successes.

Come and see how Eagle Eye Networks and the Cloud will simplify your video surveillance system? (French)

Explore the possibilities for your business when you have your video surveillance in the cloud. During this webinar, we’ll dig deeper into topics like bandwidth, internet failure, cybersecurity, GDPR, and camera compatibility.

Eagle Eye Networks & Hikvision: TVI integration in the cloud (Spanish)

Together with Hikvision Spain, we present the possibilities of integrating TVI equipment with the VMS in the Eagle Eye Networks cloud.

Eagle Eye Networks is an open platform that opens the possibility of creating greater security thanks to the cloud. Join our webinar to discover all the possibilities that exist today in the market between local and cloud.

Eagle Eye Networks and Corepixel Webinar Series Present: The Product Overview (Swedish)

Discover how Eagle Eye’s cloud video surveillance solution can help your business.
This free webinar covers:

  • A demo of the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS platform
  • The benefits of fully encrypted, cyber-secure cloud storage
  • Ease of transition to a cloud video surveillance system.

Eagle Eye Networks & Corepixel Webinar Series Present: Partner Use Case (Swedish)

At Eagle Eye Networks, we are firm believers in ‘Seeing is Believing’. During this webinar, we will showcase an actual use case together with one of our joint partners.

How Companies can improve business Security, Safety and Operations with Eagle Eye True Cloud Video Management System and AI-based Computer Vision Services.

Learn how the Eagle Eye True Cloud VMS improves business operations and security by giving owners the insights they need. Our technology partner Uncanny Analytics improves workplace Security and Safety with ANPR for automated access control and for people counting relevant in measuring building occupancy.