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Protect Your Brand Reputation While Creating a Safe and Comfortable Environment for Guests with Eagle Eye Hotel Surveillance Systems

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Between guests, staff, and vendors there are thousands of people that pass through your hotel on a daily basis. Whether you are looking to protect a single hotel or a global chain of locations, the Eagle Eye Networks hotel surveillance system is a solution to meet your needs.

Hotel Surveillance System

Hospitality Industry Leaders Choose Eagle Eye Networks

The Eagle Eye Cloud VMS simplifies your security management and provides unlimited scalability to future proof your investment.

  • Streamline security management with remote access and the ability to quickly navigate between cameras across multiple locations.
  • Choose new cameras from over 3,000 compatible cameras or use your existing analog cameras.
  • Flexible pricing plans and free continuous software updates.
  • Time-stamped footage makes it easy to pinpoint and share when an incident occurred.
  • Cloud and on-site storage options available.

Advanced Analytics Uncover Ways to Improve Guests’ Visits

Eagle Eye Cloud VMS has an array of advanced video surveillance analytics that elevate your security operation and transform your video camera system into a powerful tool for business optimization. Gain insight into daily operations and discover new opportunities to create lifelong customers by providing guests with five-star service.

hotel surveillance systems and analytics

Monitor the number of guests and staff entering and exiting the building, discover peak traffic times and traffic flow patterns.

Hotel surveillance systems and solutions

Protect restricted and vulnerable areas by receiving an instant alert when someone enters a predetermined area.

Camera Tampering analytic

Camera Tampering analytic keeps you alerted to cameras being blocked, covered or moved.

hotel video surveillance systems

Reduce thefts, vandalism and break-ins, especially after hours, with custom set alerts.

Monitor Multiple Locations Around the World

Eagle Eye Networks has a global presence with customers in over 80 countries and 11 data centers worldwide.

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Real-Time Access for First Responders

When an emergency occurs, every minute counts. Providing first responders with access to your property’s video security system gives them clear insight into a crisis and increases their response time.


As an Eagle Eye Cloud VMS administrator, you can pre-designate first responders to receive real-time camera access when an emergency occurs. The cameras are only shared once the administrator activates the first responder access. You also have the option to highlight specific cameras making it easier for the first  responders to pinpoint where the incident is occurring.

Manage Access to Sensitive Locations with Access Control Integrations

Limiting access to certain areas of your business is essential for smooth business operations and regulatory compliance measures. Eagle Eye Networks offers integrations with best-in-class access control systems for a fully integrated security solution.

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