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Seed-to-Sale Security and Compliance with Eagle Eye Networks Cannabis Video Surveillance Systems

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Many countries and a growing number of states across the U.S. have legalized the sale and use of medical and/or recreational cannabis. And, the laws governing its use are changing at a head-spinning pace. Compounding matters, there are often  inconsistencies in these laws from one city, county, state, or country to the next, making compliance extremely challenging.  

Eagle Eye Networks cannabis video surveillance system will continuously meet these fluctuating demands, and provide flexibility around the stringent standards set for video storage and retention in every region, even as laws change. In addition, a modern VMS can provide you with valuable analytics, such as line crossing, people counting, and loitering, making it ideal for all aspects of the business, whether you’re a grower, manufacturer, dispensary operator, or all of the above.  

Monitor multiple locations effortlessly and centralize loss prevention with remote and mobile viewing using cannabis video surveillance system from Eagle Eye Networks.

Benefits of Eagle Eye Networks Cannabis Video Surveillance System

Whether you oversee one location or many ‒ anywhere in the operation, from seed to sale ‒ Eagle Eye Networks has the solution to meet the ever-changing security and compliance needs in your region.

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Simplify your video surveillance with a cost-effective solution that offers unlimited flexibility and scalability.

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Remotely monitor employees and assets, and control access to sensitive areas in a market that's a prime target due to large amounts of cash on hand.

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Easily access and share live and historic video, monitoring inventory to help maximize revenue and return on assets.

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Benefit from broad camera compatibility with more than 3,000 cameras - including IP, analog, and HD-over-Coax models and body-worn and mobile devices- from all the leading manufacturers.

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Reduce false alarms and save money by making security guards more efficient and effective. Receive real-time alerts for suspicious activity using advanced analytics, such as intrusion detection, loitering, and more.

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Securely integrate with a wide range of third-party applications – including access control, point-of-sale, and thermal sensors that detect temperature and humidity levels – using our open application programming interface (API).

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Cannabis video surveillance systems

Stay Compliant and Secure

The flexibility, scalability, and ease of use of the Eagle Eye Networks Cloud VMS make it an ideal solution for the ever-changing environment of cannabis operators in any stage, from seed to sale. The triple-encrypted, open platform allows video integration with leading access control and point-of-sale solutions, to help address compliance and security throughout the operation.

In such a rapidly-moving industry, flexibility is key. Eagle Eye Networks offers both on-premise and cloud storage, recording to both locations for reliability and redundancy. The intuitive interface stays the same regardless of where your video is stored, making it easier to comply with the video retention regulations and other requirements of each county, state, or country.

Contact one of our experts to learn how we can help you with security and compliance. 

Strategic Insights with Advanced Analytics

Leveraging advanced analytics transforms your security cameras into a powerful business optimization tool. The Eagle Eye Cloud VMS has a wide array of analytics for you to utilize.

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  • Discover peak business hours, track the number of people entering and exiting your business and monitor traffic flow with people counting.
  • Protect vulnerable areas like onsite safes and vaults, especially after hours, with line crossing. When an individual crosses a preconfigured line, you’ll receive a realtime notification.
  • Reduce losses incurred from vandalism or break-ins with loitering. You’ll always be alerted whenever someone stays in an area for too long so you can respond to and resolve incidents immediately.
  • Ensure full regulation compliance and maintain your cameras’ field of view with real-time camera tampering alerts whenever a camera is blocked, covered or moved.

Manage Access to Sensitive Locations with Access Control Integrations

Limiting access to certain areas of your business is essential for smooth business operations and regulatory compliance measures. Eagle Eye Networks offers integrations with best-in-class access control systems for a fully integrated security solution.

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