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Create Smarter, Safer Buildings with the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS

Modern, true cloud video surveillance systems provide owners, managers, and security personnel with centralized monitoring of the activity happening in their buildings so they can detect issues anywhere, at any time, before it results in liabilities.

Benefits of Cloud Video Surveillance for Building Security

Eagle Eye Networks simplifies security camera management and streamlines visibility across multiple locations all while providing unlimited scalability so you can continue to expand your security solution to meet your needs.

Remote access to securely monitor facilities and public spaces in real-time from anywhere, anytime using a desktop or mobile device.

Advanced analytics track a false alarm without having to physically inspect the location or unnecessarily dispatch law enforcement.

Choose new cameras from over 3,000 compatible cameras or keep your existing analog cameras.
Flexible video storage to capture and archive video from notable events in the cloud and on-premises.

Instantly Respond to and Resolve Incidents with Eagle Eye Cloud VMS Analytics

Eagle Eye Networks has an array of analytics that businesses can leverage to collect and analyze data in order to improve security operations.

Seamless Security Management with Best- in-Class Integrations

Smart buildings provide safer, more secure environments by creating truly integrated security solutions that seamlessly work together to deter crime and monitor daily activity at the premises.

From access control to building maintenance, Eagle Eye Networks partners with best-in-class applications to pull all your security solutions into a single, intuitive interface.


Real-Time Access for First Responders

In emergency situations, it’s critical to be able to respond to and work quickly with first responders. Eagle Eye Cloud VMS administrators have the option to pre-designate first responders who can receive immediate real-time security camera access during emergency situations

The cameras are shared only when an authorized user activates first responder access. The authorized user has the option to highlight specific cameras making it easier for first responders to gain insight into the exact situation.

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