Eagle Eye Cloud VMS supports Digital IP, Analog, HD over COAX, and Body Worn cameras

Eagle Eye Cloud VMS supports Digital IP cameras

The Eagle Eye Cloud VMS is compatible with a wide variety of digital IP cameras. The Eagle Eye Networks Cloud VMS utilizes ONVIF Profile-S and dual codec (H.264 and MJPEG) dual stream to communicate with cameras included on the list below.  Additional configuration in the camera web page may be needed to discover and add cameras to the VMS.

If you’re interested in Eagle Eye supporting a camera that is not listed below, please connect the camera to an Eagle Eye Bridge or CMVR and request support within our dashboard. A support ticket will be created and you will be notified by email of progress through the support process. If you need additional support, please send us a sample of the specific camera model and contact us to test it.

Firmware Support: The firmware listed for each model is the minimum supported version. If you have connected a supported model running a newer firmware version and are experiencing issues please contact us and we will be happy to assist.