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Join Our Channel Partner Team

Channel Partner Benefits

  • Discounts on purchases: Partners get discounts on purchases for resale.
  • Marketing Materials: Eagle Eye Networks provides sales and marketing tools including presentations, competitive analysis, data sheets, white papers, customer stories, training videos, web casts, website content, and customizable advertising templates.
  • Qualified Leads: Eagle Eye Networks generates leads through a wide range of marketing efforts. Pre-qualified leads are distributed to our partners.
  • Evaluation Demo Program: Partners may obtain evaluation and demonstration units at discounted rates.
  • Training: Eagle Eye Partners can take part in our hands on training courses and online training seminars.
  • Centralized Management: Partners have access to a unified dashboard to manage, monitor, troubleshoot, & adjust all customer accounts.

Resellers speak out about the Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS


“We are excited to partner with Eagle Eye Networks…[they have] developed the industry’s first cloud-based video solution with an open API. “This is the future of security as we continue to leverage APIs to create a connected security program for businesses, starting with easy-to-use cloud-based video services.”
– Tony Byerly, executive vice president, Diebold Electronic Security.


“PSA Integrators have been asking for a cloud solution, but prior to Eagle Eye we hadn’t felt comfortable recommending one. “Eagle Eye has finally addressed the security concerns and bandwidth management issues in such a way that it makes cloud based video surveillance a viable technology. Beyond the technology, it provides a new source of recurring revenue for our integrators.”
– Bill Bozeman, President & CEO of PSA Network