Eagle Eye Networks

Vehicle Detection, Identification, and Tracking

Vehicle Surveillance Package

Leverage license plate recognition across distributed locations to achieve business goals and drive business intelligence that improves efficiency.


Search and Review License Plate Data

The Vehicle Surveillance Package is an add-on feature that reads and records license plates across multiple sites and allows for quick review with the video playback function. Users can allow or deny access, receive real-time notifications when vehicles approach or are gone from a site longer than estimated, and search through history to find specific plates, times, and locations.


Benefits of the Vehicle Surveillance Package

Reduce Loss

Improve fleet tracking and management

Enhance garage and parking lot management

Boost efficiency and safety for businesses with drive-in/drive-through and other access control and notification needs

Markets Served

Business Intelligence for Multiple Industries

Rental Car Companies

Parking Lot Management

Hotels, Resorts, And Spas

Gated Homeowner Communities

MultiFamily Properties

Businesses With Gated Parking Lots

Refiniries And Oil/Chemical Plants

Other Restricted Access Businesses (Private AirPorts)

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