Eagle Eye Networks

Eagle Eye Cloud VMS supports Digital IP, Analog, HD over COAX, and Body Worn cameras


HD Cameras communicating over coaxial cable is a growing portion of the video marketplace and Eagle Eye Networks integrates with multiple technology partners to deliver support of these types of cameras. The use of HD Over Coax cameras requires a recorder or encoder which is compatible with the specific cameras (TVI, SVI, CVI, or other HD Over Coax technology), and is supported by Eagle Eye Networks. Supported recorder or encoder devices will be connected to the Eagle Eye Bridge or CMVR via the CamLAN port and the bridge will receive two streams per camera from the device.

Compatible recorders and encoders will:

  • Work with any Eagle Eye Bridge or CMVR
  • Are Cyber Secure when using Eagle Eye’s CamLAN
  • Will allow resolution to be selected on a “per camera” basis
  • Will allow retention to be selected on a “per camera” basis

In addition to the benefits of the Eagle Eye Cloud, HD Over Coax has specific advantages over standard analog or IP based systems:

  • 4x longer cable runs compared to Ethernet
  • The cost of cameras is generally lower than IP cameras
  • Plug and Play camera installation
  • Secure and stable environment (No I.P.s, Latency, QoS or Network Issues)
  • 2MP cameras offer five to six times more resolution than analog CCTV cameras


Eagle Eye Networks offers many analog-ready Bridges and CMVRs. Eagle Eye’s analog-ready bridges will digitize the video coming from analog cameras and manage the video in the same exact manner as IP or HD Over Coax cameras. Using Eagle Eye Networks’ analog-ready bridges is a cost-effective solution for customers who want to upgrade their video surveillance system while still using their existing analog cameras.

analog 1024x140 - Camera Compatibility – HD Over Coax