Eagle Eye Networks

Video Surveillance Solutions for Any Industry

Every business has a unique set of challenges they face when it comes to security. Eagle Eye Networks is ready to meet your needs wherever you are with infinite scalability, flexible pricing plans, a wide array of advanced analytics and an open API platform for unlimited customization.

Stop theft in your restaurant with POS exception reporting and video surveillance


Ensure standards at your restaurant are being upheld for both staff and customers while protecting your business from theft or damages.

retail stores video surveillance system


Protect your store and gain valuable insight into customer behavior to improve daily operations. Learn how video surveillance can protect you against shoplifting.


Multi-family Housing

Establish a reputation for safety with a video surveillance system that makes it easy to minimize liabilities and create a safer community.



Strengthen security for students and staff and create a safe learning environment with cloud video surveillance

Cloud Video Surveillance for Hotels


Establish a reputation for safety with a video surveillance system that makes it easy to minimize liabilities and create a safer community.

cities vertical image - Industries


Implement rapid, cost-efficient city-wide deployment of cloud video surveillance without the ongoing hardware and server maintenance associated with traditional installations.

healthcare vertical image - Industries


Monitor for proper patient care, protect valuable assets and sensitive information, and ensure staff is meeting all health and safety standards.

buildings vertical image - Industries

Smart Buildings

Provide owners, managers, and security personnel with centralized monitoring of the activity happening in their buildings so they can detect issues anywhere, at any time.

AI video analytics for banks and financial institutions


Protect customer data, remain PCI compliant, and prevent robberies and vandalism with reliable cloud video surveillance.

cannabis video surveillance systems protect growers and stores


Monitor multiple locations, centralize loss prevention and meet stringent industry regulations.

computer lab 2b - Industries

Community Colleges

Ensure your facility, staff, students, and visitors are safe and your community college campuses are protected without the need for dedicated resources to manage your video surveillance system.



Provide better protection for goods and ensure they arrive at the right destination in a timely manner, without incident.

Create a Customized Video Surveillance Solution That Meets Your Security Needs​

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