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Integration with Access Control

May 27th, 2014 |

Endless products can be made better with the addition of images and video. Access control systems are a great candidate to improve with the Eagle Eye Networks Video API.

Controlling who gets in and out of secure areas is an important, albeit not glamorous task. There are times where the person using the access code or badge isn’t who the system thinks it is. Images and video provide the information of who actually opened the door and how many people came in or left. Video makes it easy to recognize who is leaving the office early, who had the party Saturday night, or how many people are all using the same badge.

You can get images as events happen or you can get images them on demand. In this demo we retrieve images as events happen and then provide a link to view the recorded video as needed. You could also use our API to get information to investigate an event by getting a report of the times and badges that were scanned for a given a time period.

Once we have the time, we can request the image with een.getImage(camera_id, time). You can also get the video of the event by calling een.getVideo(camera_id, timestamp). The Eagle Eye System takes care of converting the images and videos so they can be played on computers and mobile devices.

With Eagle Eye Networks there is no need for an expensive on-site DVR or complicated wiring. Add just the cameras you need and only pay for what you use.

Source Code

  • Get the access control code here: node-rfid
  • Get the Eagle Eye Networks API docs: here
  • Get the EEN module for Node.js: here

See it in action here:


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