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Eagle Eye LPR brings the power of license plate recognition to more customers than ever before

March 10, 2022 Eagle Eye Networks

Eagle Eye Networks on March 10 launched Eagle Eye LPR (License Plate Recognition), making highly accurate license plate recognition possible with existing security cameras. Designed for easy setup and management, Eagle Eye LPR lowers the barrier to entry bringing the benefits of LPR to more businesses and resellers than ever before. Powered by Eagle Eye’s leading artificial intelligence it offers the highest accuracy available and will continuously improve as the system learns from the millions of plate/vehicle images that it captures across multiple nations every day.

Eagle Eye LPR operates on readily available surveillance cameras making it an affordable and practical option for business owners who are interested in license plate recognition but do not want to buy expensive, specialized LPR or ANPR cameras. The AI runs on the secure Eagle Eye Cloud VMS (Video Management System) giving customers immediate access to video and data and user-friendly management features. 

“Holy crap, this changes everything.”

-Scott (Eagle Eye Networks reseller)

Applications for Eagle Eye LPR include parking automation, office, warehouse, and campus access control, HOA and multi-family home safety, multi-site remote monitoring, and even improved customer experience for restaurants, retail, and curbside pickup.

Affordable Solution

Most LPR/ANPR cameras have a built-in computer that processes the license plate data as it is recorded, but Eagle Eye LPR moves that function to the cloud, eliminating the need for specialized cameras. Eagle Eye LPR works with most existing digital security cameras – thousands of models – making it a practical enhancement to existing surveillance systems. 

(Do you already have a specialized LPR camera, but want the benefits of the Eagle Eye cloud? Contact us about our Vehicle Surveillance Package which is designed to easily connect and provide those benefits to existing LPR systems.)  

Industry-leading AI and analytics

Eagle Eye LPR analyzes the data from your video source and correlates it with scenarios and models it is set up to detect. The AI for Eagle Eye LPR has trained with over a million real world samples across multiple nations to deliver highly accurate results and is continually improving using deep learning to support newer and ever changing license plates and more difficult conditions. 

Eagle Eye LPR uses AI to accurately detect and recognize license plates in all kinds of challenging conditions including: 

  • Moving vehicles (up to 56 kilometers per hour)
  • Different fonts 
  • Stacked characters 
  • Poor weather conditions 
  • Difficult camera angles
  • Dirty number plates

Video analytics provide significant security benefits to businesses, but can also turn the video security system into a tool for business optimization. This is one of the reasons that AI is one of the top security trends of 2022

Many industries are now realizing the potential of video analytics with their video surveillance systems and Eagle Eye LPR has practical applications for all kinds of businesses. 

blue gradient bg 1024x798 - Eagle Eye LPR brings the power of license plate recognition to more customers than ever before

Eagle Eye LPR Applications: 

  • Smart Parking with LPR-based automation 
  • Corporate Offices – Secure, smooth vehicle entry/exit
  • Healthcare and Education Campuses – Touchless access control
  • Homeowners Associations (HOAs) and Multi-Family Homes – Neighborhood safety
  • Critical Infrastructure, Industrial – Multi-site remote monitoring 
  • Restaurants, Retail, Curbside Pickup – Improved customer experience 
  • Hospitality, and more

Businesses that use Eagle Eye LPR have immediate access to data and video. Users are able to search current and past license plate reads across multiple locations and cameras directly in the VMS. Easy remote access is one of the top reasons many businesses are moving their surveillance systems to a cloud-based Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaas) model.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

Brian West, President of ParkNGo in Dayton, Ohio who is using Eagle Eye LPR to modernize their overall security posture, said “we’re seriously streamlining parking operations and improving the experience for customers at the same time. With Eagle Eye LPR, our customers can enter and exit the lot without even rolling down their windows.”

West continued “Their prepaid parking reservation is automatically applied and the experience is just short of magical. We’re impressed with the high accuracy of the Eagle Eye LPR—their AI makes the difference—and it is so simple for our employees to use. The total cost of ownership is reduced as the solution works with a low-cost ONVIF camera, and the managed service from Eagle Eye assures me of continuous upgrade and support.” 

“With Eagle Eye LPR, there’s no major hardware swap or installation, you can use existing cameras,” added Lon Bazelais, president of Grid Squared Systems, an Eagle Eye Networks certified security systems integrator based in New York City.

“They have made it super easy for us and for our clients. Eagle Eye license plate recognition removes the hassle and expense of LPR systems. Now, Eagle Eye LPR will allow us to enter new vertical markets, notably parking facilities, which is a huge opportunity for us in New York City. We’re also excited to bring this advanced technology to our existing clients who want to add LPR to their current security systems.” 

LPR is also known as Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) or Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) in different parts of the world. Eagle Eagle LPR is available now, click here to request a demo. The detailed App Notes  and Eagle Eye University Training makes it easy for resellers to support customers. 

Group 4643 min 1 1024x498 - Eagle Eye LPR brings the power of license plate recognition to more customers than ever before

Eagle Eye LPR Benefits:

  • Artificial Intelligence: Uses neural networks for a true end-to-end AI LPR solution 
  • Camera Agnostic: Works securely with ONVIF cameras, turning existing cameras into LPR cameras
  • Affordable: Does not require specialty cameras, onsite hardware or onsite maintenance
  • High Accuracy: Eagle Eye’s AI provides industry-leading accuracy even for non-standard license plates and in challenging lighting and environmental conditions  
  • Flexibility:  Open API for unlimited integrations with other technology partners
  • Scalability: Manage and add locations, cameras, features with the click of a button 
  • Continuous Delivery:  AI is continually improved to support newer license plates, and all Eagle Eye development innovations are instantly delivered to customers via the cloud, without any change in the customer infrastructure.
  • Geographic LPR/ANPR Support: North America, Mexico, EU, UK, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia


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