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Best Practices Guide: Analog Video to Cloud

Get a Modern Video Surveillance System Without the Cost to “Rip and Replace”

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Future Proof Your Video Surveillance Investment

Power To Innovate At Scale and Pace With Continuous Feature and AI Enhancements Delivered In The Cloud

Eagle Eye Networks is changing the video surveillance industry with the Eagle Eye Video API Platform, a secure, open platform that provides the flexibility and scalability to meet your evolving needs, instantly. Harness the power of best-in-class third party technology with leading access control, point of sale, license plate recognition and AI integrations.

Future Proof Your Video Surveillance Investment
Powerful AI Analytics

Powerful AI Analytics

Use AI Analytics to Manage your Business Better

Create long-term strategies, reduce costs, and increase operational efficiencies with a return on investment that can be measured through tangible business results. 

  • Measure the impact of your advertising campaigns on store traffic
  • Get alerts on staff entering restricted areas
  • Graph and determine your peak business hours for better staff scheduling
  • Flag suspicious transactions with point of sale and video integrations
  • Identify specific vehicles and alert security team or authorities with license plate recognition
  • Install thermal cameras with integrated analytics to provide peace of mind to employees and customers as they return to work

Cyber Security Confidence In The Palm of Your Hand

Cyber Security is Complex, Leave It To The Experts

Just like all Internet-connected devices, video surveillance systems and cameras are vulnerable to cyber attacks. Eagle Eye Networks architecture, cyber security expertise, and cyber security features provides you a truly secure video surveillance system.

Cyber Security Confidence In The Palm of Your Hand
Built for Your World

Built for Your World

The Eagle Eye Cloud VMS scales to unlimited locations, cameras and users

View multiple locations, increase video retention and add additional cameras right from your mobile phone. No matter how you grow or your needs change Eagle Eye can support you.​

Use Your Existing Cameras

Leverage existing cameras and save money. Avoid the pitfalls of proprietary cameras or systems with over 3,000 compatible IP, analog, and HD over Coax cameras.

Works In Any Bandwidth Environments

Accommodate bandwidth constraints with intelligent bandwidth management and store video on premises, in the cloud, or any combination.

Better Safety and Security

Create a Safer Environment While Reducing Liabilities for Staff and Customers

You can’t be in two places at once, but with the right video surveillance solution you can monitor every location at once. Get a complete picture of your business and proactively respond to security threats from one easy-to-use interface. Manage cameras, change user permissions, and setup notifications right from your mobile device.

Better Safety and Security