Q&A with Tweelwonen

Company Name Tweelwonen
Contact Name Peter van der Tweel
Location Leiden, the Netherlands
Number of Locations 2

How did you hear about Eagle Eye CameraManager?

This happened a long time ago… already over 10 years. A former colleague of mine was a customer of CameraManager and I was looking for a more professional solution for video surveillance. When he showed me the system, I knew I wanted to try this for my business.

What was your previous video surveillance system, if any?

I was using a regular IP-camera to get a live view from my office. It was nice to get a live view, but it wasn’t sufficient for security measures. No footage was saved, not in the cloud, not locally. I clearly needed a more professional solution.

What specific features were you looking for in a video surveillance system?

Things I was missing in my in my old system where features like a mobile application to get an instant live view, video footage, and be able to scroll through that footage from my phone. Also, the smart notifications came in really handy.

What sort of challenges were you looking to solve?

Mainly break-ins and theft. I actually had break-in before I was using this system. Luckily, that didn’t happen again. When an alarm comes in, the mobile app notifies me directly. My office is right in the city center, so there’s always a lot of activity around. Nine out of ten times it’s nothing serious, and checking the live view on my phone saves me a lot of time. Especially because I need to check on multiple locations. Being an entrepreneur, this time is really valuable for me.

Why did you decide to switch to Eagle Eye CameraManager?

Looking at the features I needed, a cloud solution was the way to go for me, and getting the recommendation of my colleague helped me in finding the right solution. Of course, 10 years ago a cloud solution was a really unique thing to find.

In your opinion, what are the benefits of cloud based video surveillance?

For me, the cloud doesn’t get stolen and cannot burn down in the case of an accident. It’s also always up-to-date and I don’t need to do any maintenance on hardware. It’s just there with no things to worry about, so I can focus on my business.

What are your favorite features offered by Eagle Eye CameraManager and why?

Live view and being able to scroll through past events so I can quickly see what happened without the need to watch all footage. All from my phone.

How has Eagle Eye CameraManager helped your business improve?

In short: it saves me time to focus on my business.

Any additional stories to share?

I’m not only using Eagle Eye CameraManager for my business, I’ve got a camera setup at my holiday home as well. Since it’s in another country, I can easily check up on the tree in the yard that needs to be cut down. It’s taking a bit longer than we were expecting, but because of the live view, I don’t need to travel there to get updates on the proceedings.

About Tweelwonen

Tweelwonen belonged to the top five of the most reputable real estate offices in the Netherlands for many years. Now they are number one in the Netherlands because they won the award “Rentalbroker of the Year 2016.” Tweelwonen now has five offices in the Netherlands in Leiden, Noordwijk, Den Haag, Utrecht, and Rotterdam.

With over 13 years of experience in all areas of leasing and rental of living accommodation, they offer a nationwide total concept for any kind of stay in the Netherlands. They offer everything from a one night stay to lifetime accommodations.