Eagle Eye MobileCam

The 4G / LTE Mobile Security Camera

Eagle Eye Mobile Camera MC01-fi

Connect Everywhere

Eagle Eye MobileCam connects to 4G/LTE mobile networks and WiFI so no matter where you go, you can stay connected. All you need is a power source.

Small and perfectly-formed, MobileCam is weatherproof so it can be used almost anywhere. Its beautiful and elegant design means that you’ll want to take it everywhere.

Event Based Recording

When something important happens, Eagle Eye MobileCam records the event automatically and instantly uploads the footage to the cloud.

All the events that are detected by your NuboCam are stored in the Activity Feed of the Eagle Eye MobileCam app. For each event a snapshot is shown and the recording is opened by clicking on the snapshot.



Two-Way Audio

In addition to watching what happens, you can also communicate directly with people on screen. Eagle Eye MobileCam’s built-in speaker and microphone let you talk to people who are close to the camera even from miles away, as well as hear everything that happens on site.

  • Push-to-Talk
  • Microphone and Speaker
  • Audio and Video Recording

Smart Detection

The Eagle Eye MobileCam only alerts you to the things you need to know about. Smart detection technology ensures you won’t get irrelevant notifications, but you’ll still get instant alerts when it’s important.

  • Smart Object Detection
  • Camera Offline and Online Notifications
  • Smart Network Switch Between Mobile and Wi-Fi (Data Saver)



Night Vision

Just because it’s dark doesn’t mean Eagle Eye MobileCam can’t see: the MobileCam has night vision, which means you can see clearly through the dark in real time or with events triggered by the PIR-motion detector.

  • True Day/Night: 0 Lux
  • Infrared
  • Up to 10 Meters

Outdoor Ready

The Eagle Eye MobileCam is built to a high specification and can cope with extreme weather conditions. It’s IP-64 rated, meaning that it’s protected against water splashes and can operate in temperatures from -20ºC to +40ºC.

  • IP-64 Certification
  • Rain and Dust Proof
  • -20ºC to +40ºC


Image Quality

You can get a crystal clear view of everything that is going on. The Eagle Eye MobileCam offers first-class performance, delivering up to 1080p full HD-quality video on WiFi and 720p HD on 3G/4G/LTE networks.

  • 1080p HD on Wi-Fi
  • 720p on 3G / 4G / LTE
  • H.264
  • 15 FPS on Wi-Fi
  • 5 FPS on 3G / 4G / LTE
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