Eagle Eye CameraManager Subscriptions

Cloud Storage

Eagle Eye CameraManager is delivered via subscription plans.

The subscription plans are priced per camera per month, and vary based on camera resolution and desired retention period. All plans include web and mobile access, 24/7 operational monitoring, and unlimited alerts.

The following plans are our most popular, but higher resolution and/or different retention periods are available. Please contact us for more details.

SD HD 720P HD 1080P
7 days SD1-D7 HD1-D7 HD2-D7
30 days SD1-D30 HD1-D30 HD2-30
90 days SD1-90 HD1-90 HD2-90
180 days SD1-180 HD1-180 HD2-180
365 days SD1-365 HD1-365 HD2-365

How can I subscribe to Eagle Eye CameraManager?

A subscription to Eagle Eye CameraManager can be bought via one of our Certified Resellers. Contact Us and we will forward you to a reseller closest to you.