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Affordable Direct-to-Cloud Solution

Camera Direct Complete

Eagle Eye Camera Direct Complete is a direct-to-cloud surveillance solution that connects businesses to the full-featured Eagle Eye Cloud VMS (Video Management System) with minimal investment.

Camera Direct Complete

Cloud surveillance simplified

This simple, affordable solution is ideal for businesses with multiple locations requiring only a few cameras at each location where the upfront investment is a major factor in the decision. With Eagle Eye Camera Direct Complete you can easily add supported cameras directly to the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS without the need to purchase an Eagle Eye Bridge or additional hardware.

Cloud Surveillance Subscription

Camera Direct Complete

Get a full-featured cloud VMS with cameras for less than a monthly mobile phone plan.

What is Camera Direct Complete?

Camera Direct Complete is a subscription-based pricing model where the customer pays for the cameras as part of their VMS subscription – There is no need to purchase any equipment. 

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Camera Direct Complete is the first “Complete” subscription offering from Eagle Eye Networks. More Eagle Eye products and solutions will be added as a Complete subscription option, reducing cost as a barrier to entry for business surveillance systems.

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Benefits of Camera Direct Complete

Lifetime Repair & Replace – Gain peace of mind with repair or replacement coverage for normal wear and tear for the length of the subscription.

Reduced Capital Expense – Minimize upfront hardware costs with a full-featured cloud VMS.

Flexible Pricing – Pay monthly for the VMS or access discounted rates with a yearly or multiyear subscription.

Supported Cameras – Choose from a range of Eagle Eye camera options, including dome, turret, and bullet cameras.

Uses for Camera Direct Complete

Camera Direct Complete is ideal for locations that only need a few cameras where price is just as important as the quality of the VMS. Customers with adequate bandwidth that are looking to reduce CapEx spending now have the perfect fit.

Businesses looking for cost-effective surveillance and needing 1-4 cameras per location.

Remote locations with a small camera count.

Potential customers where capital expense concerns are a major factor.

Eagle Eye customers needing a single camera in a new location.

Resellers wanting a fast and simple installation option.

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See camera options in the Camera Direct Complete brochure

New Solution With Cloud VMS Benefits


Leverage the benefits of the award-winning Eagle Eye Cloud VMS:

Secure Cloud Storage

Videos are encrypted and redundantly stored in the cloud for secure and easy access.

Remote Access

Camera Direct provides a full resolution stream of live and recorded video for instant access from anywhere in the world.

Automatic Updates

The VMS receives continuous updates via the cloud connection.

Cloud Management

Update the resolution of your cameras, retention, and more at any time.

Artificial Intelligence

Quickly find person or vehicle events with cloud-based AI features like Smart Video Search and Smart Layouts.

Edge Storage

Cameras provide some storage in the event that cloud connectivity is lost.

Motion Detection

Configure and get motion detection events on live and recorded video.


Get notifications if motion is detected or a camera goes offline.

Frequently Asked Questions

Camera Direct Complete is a direct-to-cloud enabled surveillance solution that is sold as part of an Eagle Eye Networks VMS (video management system) subscription. Customers can choose between monthly, annual, and multiyear subscriptions.

Camera Direct Complete eliminates the initial camera investment while providing access to the Eagle Eye Networks VMS and a lifetime warranty on the camera.

Camera Direct Complete is an affordable subscription-based pricing model that comes with Lifetime Repair & Replace, most of the features of the cloud VMS, continuous cloud development and new features.

With the Complete subscription there is no need to purchase any equipment.

Due to bandwidth needs for a direct-to-cloud solution, adequate internet bandwidth is required for Camera Direct Complete, and no more than four cameras are recommended per location to ensure no impact to business internet. Because this solution does not include an Eagle Eye Bridge, which helps with bandwidth management, it is recommended to limit the number of cameras.

If there is a loss of internet connectivity, the video is stored locally (on an SD Card).

Yes, with Camera Direct Complete you can use Smart Video Search, which allows you to search your surveillance video for people, vehicles, and objects.

Some other AI-powered video analytics, like Eagle Eye LPR (license plate recognition) require a Bridge to run and will not work with Camera Direct Complete.

No, Eagle Eye cameras need to be ordered and processed through our standard purchasing process and existing inventory can’t be used.

Camera Direct Complete is built for businesses looking for an affordable business surveillance solution.

Pricing for Camera Direct Complete is based on the number of cameras plus the resolution and retention period for each camera. All costs are rolled into a subscription plan, eliminating the need for upfront costs.

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