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Ratapihan Auto

August 9, 2021 Eagle Eye Networks

Ratapihan Auto is a successful car service business in Finland that employs highly specialized, skilled workers and provides auto maintenance and repair. It was facing numerous challenges maintaining visibility of its premises,  including the garage, throughout various locations within the building, and off site. With a substantial amount of high-value car parts and a vast facility, Ratapihan Auto management was looking for a suitable and modern surveillance solution. 

Eagle Eye Networks’ solution made it easier for them to see the garages, unguarded staircases, and other facilities simultaneously, for a single screen. Most importantly, it simplified the  remote monitoring of its reception area. They are now able to monitor the movement of customers entering and exiting the premises and  easily respond to happenings in real time. 

“We have been using various analog cameras for about 12 years now, a system that was obviously not up to date,” explains Ratapihan Auto owner Juha Liljeqvist. “Eagle Eye enabled us to connect modern cameras to an overall system and view footage more clearly with higher quality. Moreover, the system is very easy to use, and even more beneficial to us is the sharing function. Law enforcement is aware that some of our cameras are pointing to a busy street in Kotka. If they need any footage from these cameras, not only can they see the timestamp and the car in question in high quality, but also the video footage is easily shareable with them, as we no longer need to use outdated methods like USB sticks.” 

When asked about their satisfaction after the implementation of Eagle Eye Networks and if they would recommend the company, Liljeqvist responded without hesitation: “Of course. Overall, the system is not overly complex and is very easy to use, and that is one of the main points. Furthermore, when I receive a notification about a potential alarm, I can simply access the footage right from my phone and decide if the alarm is relevant or not. Thus, I have everything in a more centralized manner that is easily accessible at all times.”


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