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Eagle Eye Tutorial Videos

Eagle Eye Cloud Security Camera VMS: Are You Faster Than a 6th Grader?

We wanted to test our installation process, so we got a 6th grader to help us out (There weren’t any 5th graders around, but they could probably do it too.) The video below is sped up, but all of the steps are in there. The only information that is needed is:

  • User ID & Password of the installer
  • The Bridge Attach ID, which is included with the Bridge (in a lot of cases even that isn’t needed by the installer.)
  • ID & Password for the camera, assuming it’s been set to something other than the default.

The short version of what happens is that our “installer” connects the camera & Bridge to a switch, then connects the switch to the Internet (this is a very important step.)

He then proceeds to stop playing his online game, and uses his laptop to configure the Bridge – all he needs to do is enter the Attach ID and the name he wants to use.

The Bridge then searches the network for cameras, and detects one. The installer supplies the ID and password for the camera, and names it.

Once he adds the camera, he tests to make sure its working (another important step) – that’s it.

Eagle Eye Cloud Security Camera VMS: Installing & Configuring a Bridge Tutorial

The video below shows how easy it is to install and configure an Eagle Eye Bridge and a camera. It covers the physical installation as well as the configuration. This video was prompted by seeing an article about how ‘simple’ it is to connect an IP camera directly to the Internet, which turned out to be not too easy at all. So, we decided to put a quick video together showing how we do it.
The video shows a truly out of the box experience. In this video we’re using a POE switch, and the cable to the Internet is connected to a cable modem which is off camera. The browser we chose to use is Chrome, running on a Mac, but the user interface works equally well in any modern browser on Mac or PC. Check out the video, and as always, let us know if you have any questions.