Eagle Eye Mobile and Body Camera Compatibility

Seamlessly Manage Body Worn Camera Footage

In an era where minor incidents can spiral into national news, mobile and body worn cameras are becoming the go-to solution for maintaining accountability and protecting reputations. Mobile and body cameras are small audio/video cameras frequently attached to clothing. The Eagle Eye Cloud Video Management System (VMS) now offers the ability to operate and manage mobile and body cameras securely in the Cloud.

A few of these benefits, available to all Eagle Eye Networks customers, include: 

  1. View fixed and body worn footage from one cohesive interface, eliminating the need for multiple applications or windows
  2. Ability to archive, store, and retrieve time stamped mobile footage, GPS coordinates, and facial recording
  3. Fully encrypted video eliminates security vulnerabilities commonly found in other systems
Eagle Eye Cloud VMS Mobile and Body Camera Support
Eagle Eye Cloud VMS Mobile and Body Camera Agility and Efficiency

A New Level of Agility and Efficiency

Bring fixed and mobile cameras to the same user experience, so you can keep operating your business like a well-oiled machine. Eagle Eye Networks is redefining traditional solutions to incorporate the use of wearable recording technology, while maintaining the convenience of a single, intuitive interface. Should an incident arise, your footage will be in one easy-to-access location.

At the end of a shift, the employee docks their camera. From there, the Eagle Eye Bridge accesses the storage on the camera, downloads the footage, and uploads it to the Cloud. This process occurs without any additional human input. The bridge manages everything, including your network protection.

Customized Solutions Serve a Diverse Set of Industries

Large and growing markets include:

  • In-Home Services
  • Guarding
  • Retail Management
  • Delivery Services
  • Warehouse Management
  • Real Estate Sales
  • Private Security
Eagle Eye Cloud VMS Mobile and Body Camera Customized Solutions
Eagle Eye Cloud VMS Mobile and Body Camera Deterrent Effect

Reduce Liability with Real-Time Insight

Mobile and body cameras have a deterrent effect with a multitude of benefits from reducing workplace violence, increasing compliance, surfacing operational efficiencies, and increasing customer and employee civility. Video footage can also provide crucial evidence in liability claims by providing evidence of interactions and an unbiased view of an incident.

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