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Magos provides disruptive technology to the security industry with high-performance radars and AI-based software capabilities. By combining enhanced intruder detection with accurate threat classification, Magos offers the most effective and reliable perimeter protection solution.


The Magos Area Surveillance Software, MASS, is a real-time command and control system for radar input, PTZ cameras, and the Magos AI solution. MASS integrates seamlessly with the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS having its onsite appliance utilize the ONVIF Profile, bringing real-time event and alarm management capabilities.

08 Radar - Magos


  • Great for applications such as parking lots, utilities,  seaports, and agricultural farms
  • Detection under all weather and lighting conditions 
  • Video-based object classification
  • Filtering out the nuisance alarm caused by wildlife or foliage

Partner Requirements

  • PTZ camera; check with Magos for compatibility
  • Magos Radar
  • Appliance with MASS software

Eagle Eye Requirements

Best Practices

Work closely with Magos and Eagle Eye Networks during the design phase.