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ISM proves integrated software solutions into Government, Prison, and Custodial sectors. ISM has been developed to link security systems into the smart building environment as an overarching platform.


Genesys is a software platform developed to deliver Command and Control and situational awareness with the GSOC/SOC environment. It is appliance-based with patented failover providing an extensible solution. Genesys is a layer over the principal security system, access control, video, intruder and PIDS. This will assist in converting on premise and current cloud-based platforms to have a single “Pane of Glass” that clients are familiar with to allow enterprise style roll outs.

Enterprise end users require unified sub systems that has encompassing intelligence to deliver Rules By Exception and event driven workflows. The reporting features allow for proof of compliance which is a pre-requisite for regulated sectors such as Banking, Professional Services, and Pharma. 

In deploying Genesys, the corporate enterprise end user market can utilize the power of Eagle Eye Network  solutions moving forward whilst maintaining the existing 3rd party systems.


The Genesys solution will give Enterprise customers the ability to migrate their cloud-based security solutions as well as on premise to a single pane of glass experience with no loss of functionality and added complexity.

The Genesys solution also allows for mapping of the Eagle Eye Networks Camera System to allow the remote or on-premise operator to have situational awareness.

Current integration allows for live viewing and historical video in an extremely intuitive interface to allow ease of use for SOC operations staff. It also allows linking of systems events such as intrusion or access control to camera views.


genesys Tech Partner - Genesys

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Software integration

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IP link too EEN cameras/bridge