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Minted is a design marketplace best-known for their stationary products. They recently opened their first storefront located near their headquarters in San Francisco, California. They needed video surveillance for their corporate office as well as their first storefront, and needed a scalable solution that would allow them to easily expand their video surveillance system as they added more storefront locations. The Minted team selected Eagle Eye Networks as their solution because it is easy to deploy and can scale quickly as new locations are added. Minted currently utilizes Eagle Eye Bridge 301’s to support IP Hikvision cameras, and have the flexibility to easily add more bridges and cameras to new locations in the future.


Here are the details of this project:

Eagle Eye Product Eagle Eye Cloud VMS
Country US
Number of Locations  1
Type of Cameras IP
Number of Cameras  24
Camera Manufacturer Hikvision
Retention 30 days
Bridge Models Eagle Eye Bridge 301

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