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January 6, 2022 Phillip Farr

A national designer jewelry chain installed the Eagle Eye Cloud Video Management System (VMS) in 25 stores across Austin, Texas. Management quickly realized the benefits beyond just monitoring for things like shoplifting, shrinkage, and after-hours activity. They began remotely managing the system and its users; flexibly retaining video; and easily monitoring employee behaviors, enhancing the customer experience, and ultimately, boosting revenue. These and other benefits drove their decision to expand beyond the pilot locations, installing the VMS in 100 more jewelry stores across the U.S.  

Remote Management:

While the chain’s staff turnover is below retail industry standards, the transitory nature of their employees required training store managers to make changes to their previous, outdated premises-based system or send out staff or contractors to update permissions and access to the video surveillance system. This was an inefficient and costly process, and often compromised a store’s security posture while waiting for the needed changes. Eagle Eye Networks remote management allows the security and IT teams to make changes in real time and reduce costs. The remote management also allows the team to better manage camera outages, reduce maintenance calls, and get notifications if cameras are blocked, moved, or otherwise tampered with.

Improve Customer Experience and Revenue:

By giving marketing and operations teams access to view live and historic in-store video and analyze customer behaviors, the teams have been able to make adjustments to store layouts and point-of-sale (POS) promotions, ensuring customers are exposed to the most popular and profitable items. In addition, customer concerns or issues can be reviewed and resolved more quickly. The incidents, both positive and negative, can be captured and used to train team members.

After reviewing store traffic patterns and customer browsing behaviors, the company redesigned its floor  layouts, increasing sales of higher-margin items and the number of items per purchase. Each morning prior to opening, the marketing team logs in and ensures each store has the appropriate setup of displays and POS promotions, helping store managers increase sales.

Reduced Costs and Alarms:

Levering analytics, such as alerts for loitering and line crossing, have helped eliminate false alarms. Alerts sent via text and/or email have enabled management to quickly identify if the threat is real (such as a person attempting to open a locked door) or triggered by an animal (such as a foraging raccoon), and immediately respond, if need be.   Alarms for people loitering allow security teams to be proactive and address potential issues prior to them becoming a problem.

The system’s flexibility and ability to quickly add and reuse cameras is also helping them adapt to the new world of retail. Customers continue to buy online and pick up at the store, and select stores have added cameras to the curbside experience,protecting employees delivering the items and ensuring documentation that customers received the right number of packages or items.  Being able to retain the video to ensure accountability has reduced claims and improved customer satisfaction, while also protecting employees from risk.


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