ManagerComplete & Eagle Eye Networks

Cloud Video Surveillance and Cloud Franchise Management


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Connections Where it Counts

ManagerComplete is a cloud-based software that brings an entire franchise system, including remote locations, together in one place.

ManagerComplete connects locations, employees, and supervisors – helping franchise owners manage three critical functions of businesses: employees, equipment, and performance.

View Live and Recorded Video

Manage Eagle Eye video within the ManagerComplete interface. You can view both live and recorded video for multiple locations, close or remote.

Associate Video with Events

Video of customer incidents or accidents can be linked to the details in ManagerComplete, giving stakeholders a single repository for all of the information of any given incident.

“Integrating EEN with our operations platform was very easy for our developers. Now our franchise clients can “tag” operational events such as customer complaints, accidents, thefts, employee firings and automatically see the surveillance footage. Seeing is believing and that is exactly what EEN has done for ManagerComplete and our clients.”

– Jason Duncan, CEO & Founder of ManagerComplete

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