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Eagle Eye Cloud VMS Product Update Blog

This blog addresses the latest and greatest information on our Cloud VMS product enhancements.

Eagle Eye Bridge 501

April 23, 2019|

The Eagle Eye Bridge 501 delivers additional processing power for up to 10 cameras each with analytics which is double the amount supported by the Bridge 401. It also accommodates cameras that requir [Read More]

Loitering Analytic

March 29, 2019|

Eagle Eye Networks launched Loitering business analytics for the Eagle Eye Cloud Security Camera VMS. With Loitering, businesses can see data instantly to help make decisions that are impactful for c [Read More]

Arlo Flexpower

September 12, 2018|

Eagle Eye Networks announces support for Arlo FlexPower cameras. The first truly wireless ONVIF compatible cameras can now be used in the award winning Eagle Eye Cloud VMS allowing web and mobile acc [Read More]

HD Over Coax

May 16, 2018|

Eagle Eye Networks has partnered with Hikvision to enable the use of HD analog cameras over coaxial cabling. Of the four competing formats of HD over Coax, Eagle Eye has chosen the HD-TVI standard. HD [Read More]

Motion Detection vs. Analytics

January 19, 2018|

The Eagle Eye Cloud Security Camera VMS includes an integrated motion detection and object-based analytics system. This provides a variety of features, which recognize motion and objects in your video [Read More]

Eagle Eye CMVRs

November 1, 2017|

In addition to Eagle Eye Bridges, we also offer a range of Cloud Managed Video Recorders (CMVRs). Eagle Eye Bridges transfer video to the cloud, while Eagle Eye CMVRs provide both on-premise and clou [Read More]

5 Port Managed PoE Switch

October 31, 2017|

Eagle Eye Networks now offers a compact, 5 Port Managed PoE Switch. This is perfect for customers who have limited space and need 1-4 PoE ports. Eagle Eye Networks’ Managed PoE Switches were designed [Read More]

Security Analytics

August 22, 2017|

Eagle Eye Networks released Line Crossing and Intrusion Detection security analytics for the Eagle Eye Cloud Security Camera VMS. These security analytics ensure surveillance images are continuously a [Read More]

Business Analytics

August 22, 2017|

Eagle Eye Networks launched Object Counting business analytics for the Eagle Eye Cloud Security Camera VMS. With Object Counting, businesses can interpret data directly from the source to help them ma [Read More]

Managed PoE Update

July 5, 2017|

The Eagle Eye Managed PoE Switches and Bridges can now allow users to remotely power cycle cameras directly from the Eagle Eye Reseller Dashboard. This new feature will save Eagle Eye Resellers time a [Read More]

Dynamic Filtering

June 28, 2017|

Eagle Eye Networks has enhanced the ability to find and view cameras across many locations.  Typing the name, tag, location, or address will display results immediately in any view.  Create a layout o [Read More]

New iOS Mobile Features

June 23, 2017|

Eagle Eye Networks has released two new iOS features for its mobile app, making the user interface more efficient. The Advanced Searching Feature allows users to search by tags, locations, or any ava [Read More]