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Mellow Mushroom

January 16, 2017 Eagle Eye Networks

A Mellow Mushroom franchisee in Alabama was in need of a technology upgrade from NVR systems at his three locations. He often had issues with his equipment not operating properly, resulting in missing footage and frustration. He was looking for a video surveillance solution that was reliable and would allow him to keep an eye on all three locations on one screen from his mobile device.

ProtecVideo installed new IP cameras and an Eagle Eye Bridge 304 at each location. Since the installations, the Mellow Mushroom franchisee has been able to easily view all three locations on one screen as well as access and share vital footage to protect his business.

“With Eagle Eye Networks we are able to consistently rely on our video surveillance system. Since we installed the Eagle Eye system at Mellow Mushroom, we have already protected this restaurant chain from a frivolous lawsuit.”

George Mitchell, Owner

Eagle Eye Product Eagle Eye Cloud VMS
Country US
Number of Locations 3
Camera Type IP
Number of Cameras 18
Bridge Model Eagle Eye Bridge 304
Retention 30 Days


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