Fource Automotive

Fource is an international automotive distribution center with more than 100 locations in the Netherlands, Belgium, and France.

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Fource is an international automotive distribution center with more than 100 locations in the Netherlands, Belgium and France. With a passion for innovation, Fource focuses on creating opportunities for car technicians and car companies to excel in their day-to-day business. Their vision is to make automotive accessible to technicians. In addition to supplying car materials and tools from warehouses to the workshop, they also make automotive accessible with their innovative concepts. They facilitate solutions so car technicians can do their daily job –  now and in the future –  through training them, supporting them with technical information and car materials, and making tools transparent with the push of a button. 

A grand infrastructure with multiple distribution centers and many employees comes with challenges regarding the security of the premises and employee management. For these specific tasks, Fource turned to Niefra to come up with the best solution.

“When a client is facing multiple challenges, our goal is to make sure we can solve this with a smart solution that works together with other systems, instead of installing multiple independent systems. We already have a great experience with the integration between Brivo and Eagle Eye Networks, where access control and video surveillance seamlessly interact with one another. For every access control event, video is instantly recorded and can be played back at any given time,” says Maarten Martijn van Poelgeest from Niefra.

“We were delighted with this solution, as it greatly decreased the burden for our IT and security departments to maintain systems and worry about physical security and cybersecurity,” continues Ron Pot from Fource Logistics. “Everything runs in the cloud. We don’t have to hand out keys anymore to employees for them to enter the building or worry if former employees still have access.  Everything can be managed directly from the central platform. However, we wanted to see if we could push this integration one step further. As we have thousands of employees, and it’s a huge task to manage their Access Control, we wondered if the new system could facilitate that, as well.

“This would have been an impossible problem to solve with other systems, but with the API of Brivo, this was as easy as the click of a button. We integrated the Brivo data into AFAS Software, a workforce management tool. So every time a person entered the building, he or she was immediately logged into the Workforce Management Software, killing two birds with one stone,” adds Ron Pot from Fource Logistics. “In addition, our distribution centers all receive nightly deliveries, and we are now able to completely manage this process remotely. We could not be happier with the results. Operational efficiencies, cost reductions, and streamlined processes, all in one go.