Arlo Flexpower

Arlo battery operated wireless cameras

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Have you ever wanted to use battery-operated wireless cameras for professional video surveillance? Sure there are a few wireless cameras, but they require power, which means the camera is still actually “wired” with a power cable. It seems there is always a position a customer wants to place a camera that makes running ethernet or power cost prohibitive. Why can’t there be a solution that is wireless and also professional?  You may have even searched for battery powered wireless cameras that are ONVIF compliant, so that you could use them with the Eagle Eye Networks Cloud VMS. Thanks to Arlo Flexpower, which is the first truly wire-free, ONVIF compliant IP camera, the search is over. FlexPower cameras can be added to the Eagle Eye Cloud with ease giving full VMS capabilities including cloud storage from 7 days up to 5 years per camera.

The Arlo FlexPower cameras  have rechargeable batteries that in some cases can last months between charges. A solar option is the perfect solution for an outdoor location that is difficult to get wiring to, such as on a pole. This also eliminates the need to climb a ladder to change the batteries.  The cameras work line of site up to 300 feet from the FlexPower Base station, which can support up to four Arlo FlexPower Cameras. Multiple base stations can be used to increase camera count and coverage.

Some of the most notable features are:

  • 130 degree viewing angle
  • Built in InfraRed LED with up to 25’ of coverage
  • Flexible wirefree positioning
  • 300’ line of sight from Base Station
  • ONVIF compliant
  • Works with the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS

Arlo battery operated wireless cameras

The Arlo / Eagle Eye solution  provides the benefits of a wired security camera, but with options of placing it in some really flexible positions that previously were not possible, or that the installation costs were too great.  For more information, or to see a demo, contact us at +1 (512) 473-0500.

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