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2022 Drako $1,000,000 Cloud Video Surveillance Grant for Schools

Improve deterrence, detection and response to incidents while stretching your security dollars with the Drako School Grant. Funding is available to support the implementation and operation of security equipment and cloud recording services at local school buildings and/or campuses.

Why more schools are moving their video surveillance to the Cloud:

  1. Flexible permission-based accessibility: Administrators can see what is happening in any location from any device running the Cloud VMS mobile app or a modern browser.
  2. First Responders access: School VMS administrators have the option to designate first responders to receive real-time and historical video access during emergency situations.
  3. Access control: Integrations with world-class companies like Brivo, DMP and Salto provide customers with comprehensive solutions that combine cloud video surveillance with key access control functions.
  4. IT efficiencies: Reduce the amount of equipment and human resources needed onsite by eliminating the need for maintaining outdated on-site storage systems.
  5. Centralized management: The Eagle Eye Cloud VMS provides central management tools that enable administrators to track user activity and delegate or revoke user access, all from a mobile or web browser.
  6. Unlimited scalability: Eagle Eye Cloud VMS allows customers to expand storage capacity on demand, minimizing capital expenditures and eliminating the need to decide how many servers will be needed in the future.
  7. Cyber security: All Eagle Eye Networks video is encrypted on site and remains encrypted at rest, in flight, and in our Cloud. This means your campus is not subject to unauthorized viewing or recording of school video.


  • Eligible schools include accredited private and public schools: elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and colleges.
  • Grant recipients will receive one full year of funding for the cloud-based Eagle Eye Cloud Video Management System (VMS) and associated components. The solution includes cameras, gateways, cloud recording services and centralized management. Optionally, schools can use their existing security cameras, and integrate their on-site surveillance system to the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS. School grant recipients are responsible for cost of installation if necessary.
  • The Eagle Eye Cloud VMS will work with a broad array of IP, analog or HD over coax cameras.
  • Grant recipients will be notified of next steps within 2 weeks of submission.
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Application: Drako Cloud Security Grant for Schools