Henry’s Wrecker

Henry’s Wrecker

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Henry’s Wrecker Service is a professional towing service with impound lots in 7 locations. Henry’s is often targeted with fraudulent claims of damage and/or missing items from vehicles while impounded. They installed surveillance equipment prior to moving to the cloud but had difficulty pulling specific footage from each location when needed to protect the business from those fraudulent claims. Henry’s Wrecker Service decided to move to the cloud with Eagle Eye Networks Security Camera VMS so that they can access footage easily and be able to view all of their locations on one screen. Henry’s management team is now able to reliably access video clips from each of their locations from their cell phones.

“With Eagle Eye we have been able to minimize the headaches associated with fraudulent claims of damage or missing items that come our way. We can easily pull footage and get that footage to the appropriate parties – and I can do it all from my cell phone.”

Ted Nevins, CMO & IT Director


Eagle Eye Product Eagle Eye Cloud VMS
Country US
Number of Locations 7
Camera Manufacturer Eagle Eye Networks
Number of Cameras 50
Bridge Model Eagle Eye Bridge 304
Retention 30 Days