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Eagle Eye Cloud Video Replication

Add Cloud to Your Existing Video Surveillance System

Cloud storage and on-premise storage combined.

Eagle Eye Cloud Video Replication allows organizations to extend the capabilities of their existing video management systems to include a copy of locally stored surveillance video in the cloud.

With Eagle Eye Cloud Video Replication, there is no need to replace existing video management system.  It eliminates the headaches of replacing an entire system – along with the added cost of doing so.

With Eagle Eye Cloud Replication, off-site cloud backup is added to your existing video surveillance system.  And we make it easy.  There is no software to buy and install, no license keys, and no OS to maintain.

Cloud Video Replication Architecture Small


Comply with Video Retention Regulations
and Policies.

Stay compliant 24/7.

Numerous regulations and policies require organizations to retain off-site video recordings for specified lengths of time. Eagle Eye Cloud Video Replication provides immediate compliance with video retention regulations and policies for off-premise recordings.

We replicate a copy of your surveillance video in the Eagle Eye Cloud Data Center, and our storage time frames are flexible.  That means that as regulations and policies shift, Eagle Eye Networks can always accommodate those requirements.

Video Loss Protection

Say goodbye to lost video.

Video loss is a concern for most businesses.  Whether it be from DVR or NVR theft, or from a hard-drive crash, it is critical for organizations to have backup systems in place.

Eagle Eye Networks Cloud Video Replication protects organizations from these video losses because we store a copy of the surveillance video in the cloud.

Stolen DVR or hard-drive crash?  No problem.  Eagle Eye Cloud Video Replication has you covered.

Eagle Eye iOS Apps

Computer, Tablet & Mobile Interface

Access and control from your computer, tablet or phone.

Use your computer, tablet or cell phone from anywhere to view your live or historic video. Make your video more accessible to more people anywhere in the world.

Eagle Eye Cloud Video Replication comes with free mobile applications so that you can view live video, navigate video, turn cameras on and off, or email videos.


Security beyond compare

No open ports, Eagle Eye Complete Privacy Encryption™.

With Eagle Eye Complete Privacy Encryption™ your video is safe.

All video is encrypted so that only the right people will get access to your video content.

Download the Cloud Video Replication Whitepaper here

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