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Eagle Eye CameraManager Features & Benefits

Build Your Own Cloud Video Surveillance Product

  • Use the Eagle Eye CameraManager platform to launch your own product
  • Watch your cameras live via the Eagle Eye CameraManager application
  • Get instant alerts as soon as motion, sound, or heat is detected
  • Make the most of our Eagle Eye CameraManager video analytics
  • Optimize user experience and your product to meet the needs of your customers
  • Maximize and track your RMR with the CameraManager Portal
Eagle Eye CameraManager Watch from computer or other smart devices
Eagle Eye CameraManager iPad Manage Cameras on Your Device

Detection and Alarming

There’s no need to worry about your business when you’re not around. Eagle Eye CameraManager will alert you when something is wrong by sending a push notification and/or an email alert the moment it detects motion, sound, or heat.


We understand the need for top-level security when it comes to your business, office, or store. With Eagle Eye CameraManager, you will receive bank-level security, sub-user management, and more.

Eagle Eye CameraManager Android Phone Reliability and Flexibility
Eagle Eye CameraManager - CameraManager Features & Benefits

Video Analytics

Eagle Eye CameraManager includes video analytics in the cloud. This is the world’s first affordable, on-demand, zero-configuration cloud-based video analytics service.