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Eagle Eye Cloud VMS Editions

Designed to meet your business and security needs as they grow and change.

Tailored Solutions to Help You Manage at Scale

At Eagle Eye, we understand our customers’ needs are as unique as their businesses and industries. Consequently, installing a one-size-fits-all video surveillance system is like trying to fit a square peg through a round hole.

Larger organizations have more complex needs, while smaller businesses appreciate simplicity. That’s why Eagle Eye Networks offers Editions, designed to simplify the ever-growing product set and better align pricing and features to the reality of what you’re consuming, all with the flexibility to scale as your business grows and changes.

Standard Edition

For Small businesses with a few locations, limited number of users and that value recording and live video access using a browser or mobile device.

Professional Edition

For distributed businesses with approximately 25 locations, a modest number of users and that value location-based user and device management, search flexibility, and cloud storage.

Enterprise Edition

For large businesses with many locations, audit, compliance, and large user bases offering flexible user identity and access control support, audit/regulatory capabilities.

OVERVIEW Standard Pro Enterprise
Cameras per account Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Users per account 100 1000 Unlimited
Cloud Archival 10 GB fixed 5 GB per bridge 10 GB per bridge
Web client
Mobile client
Eagle Eye Cloud-Premises Flex Storage
Unlimited third-party integrations using Eagle Eye Video API Platform
Supports the full spectrum of camera analytics and artificial intelligence (AI), cloud analytics, and AI
Multi-factor authentication
Single sign-on
User audit trail

Contact your Eagle Eye representative for additional detail. For information about camera support, check the Camera Compatability checklist.

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