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Plexpod is a shared office space, with locations in and around Kansas City. They offer temporary workspaces in the form of open desks or private offices, as well as a variety of other amenities. The management team decided early on that they would need video surveillance to prevent members from abusing the shared amenities or disrupting the environment for others. Plexpod members also come and go on a monthly basis, so Plexpod was looking for a versatile, cloud solution that would allow them the ability to easily add and remove users. The ease of Eagle Eye’s user permissions, along with its storage flexibility and mobile viewing capabilities, made it easy for Plexpod to select Eagle Eye as their video surveillance solution.

Plexpod utilizes Eagle Eye CMVRs 430 and 620 at both of its locations to support 63 IP and analog cameras.


Here are the details of this project:

Eagle Eye Product Eagle Eye Cloud VMS
Country US
Number of Locations 2
Type of Cameras IP and Analog
Number of Cameras 63
Camera Manufacturer Techwell
Eagle Eye Equipment Eagle Eye CMVR 430
Eagle Eye CMVR 620