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Hizi Hair is a professional hair salon franchise company with over 60 salons across the Netherlands. Eight years ago Anne Christien van Beekhuizen, the proud owner of four salons, started using Eagle Eye CameraManager to secure her business. Each location has high-quality equipment and expensive hair styling tools, which need to be protected.

To prevent break-ins, Anne Christien installed one camera per location. By using the Eagle Eye CameraManager desktop and mobile apps, she can view all four locations from one central place.

“Securing my salons, using one central system, has given me the peace of mind and the time that I need to focus on my business and my customer’s well being,” said Anne Christien.


Here are the details of this project:

Eagle Eye Product Eagle Eye CameraManager
Country NL
Number of Locations  4
Type of Cameras IP
Number of Cameras  4
Camera Manufacturer Eagle Eye Networks
Retention 30 Days