Eagle to land in South Africa in 2021


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Eagle Eye Networks has raised $40 million from venture capital firm Accel to continue its growth and expand its technology leadership. Eagle Eye is leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) on its cloud platform to reshape video surveillance and improve safety, security, operations, and customer service for businesses around the world.

Expanding to SA

Speaking to Hi-Tech Security Solutions, Eagle Eye’s MD for EMEA, Rishi Lodhia, said the company is planning to significantly expand its presence in South Africa in 2021. At the moment, Eagle Eye has a direct fibre connection to the country with a very low latency which will allow for reliable cloud surveillance. With 12 data centres around the world, Lodhia stated that adding a new data centre in South Africa is also a possibility to ensure that video footage stays within the country’s borders.

Lodhia added that the company will be offering AI that could automatically detect unusual or suspicious circumstances, as well as features such as gun detection. In addition, third-party AI applications can also be easily integrated into the Eagle Eye system so that users can get the best technology available for their surveillance operations.

“Ultimately, smart cloud video surveillance with appropriate privacy and cybersecurity protections will make the world much safer, for example: detecting dangers such as weapons, erratic driving, active robberies, and traffic accidents. Furthermore,” continued Drako, “it will help businesses provide better service by reducing waiting lines, ensuring displays are organised and stores clean, and assuring product quality.”

Lodhia and his team are also planning to increase the number of partners the company has in the country. One of the benefits for partners and end-user companies is that the system is simple and fast to install – see the case study on installing 13 000 cameras in four months go to https://www.een.com/eagle-eye-networks-completes-mexico-city-city-wide-surveillance-project-deploying-over-13000-cameras-in-4-months/. Just as Google users never see the complexity behind the simple Google search page, Eagle Eye wants to make cloud-based surveillance as simple.

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