Domaine Wine Storage

domaine wine storage

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Domaine Wine Storage in Napa Valley offers fine wine collectors storage in close proximity to the major Northern Californian brokers, importers and retailers. Domaine Wine Storage has multiple locations throughout the U.S. They were looking for a video surveillance solution that would allow them to easily add cameras and locations.

Domaine Wine Storage chose the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS for their video solution because of its ability to easily add analog or IP cameras, as well as manage multiple locations from one account. Now their leadership team can rest assured, knowing their Napa facility is protected and well-positioned to extend the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS to its other locations.


Here are the details of this project:

Eagle Eye Product Eagle Eye Cloud VMS
Country US
Number of Locations  1
Type of Cameras  IP
Number of Cameras  7
Camera Manufacturer  Hikvision
Retention  30 Days
Eagle Eye Equipment  Eagle Eye CMVR 420