Cloud-based video management on the rise in Germany and Europe


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With cloud-based video management from Eagle Eye Networks , video surveillance and analysis can be organized on any camera without a server of their own: the Software-as-a-Service solution runs entirely through the manufacturer’s cloud. The company has just opened a new data center in Frankfurt and presented itself at Security in Essen. GIT SECURITY took the opportunity to talk to CEO Dean Drako.

GIT SECURITY: Mr. Drako, you describe your solution as a “bridge between the IT and security business”. Can you please explain this a little bit more?

Dean Drako:We are deeply rooted in cybersecurity and IT issues. We train our distribution partners on the benefits of cloud solutions (which are part of IT) compared to on-premise solutions: simplified management, lower total costs of ownership, higher availability, and greater cybersecurity. Physical security customers demand additional features and options from providers. In the face of increasing complexity, these can best be delivered as cloud-based solutions. There are very good reasons to essentially shift IT to the cloud. They also apply to video surveillance. Retailers and customers should consider a cyber option when choosing a monitoring solution. The Eagle Eye Cloud VMS is a true cybersecurity solution. Eagle Eye Bridges physically isolate the cameras from the Internet, preventing hacking attacks from the cameras. Because our infrastructure is cloud-based, we can easily add new features such as analytics.

At the show, Eagle Eye Networks worked with a number of partners. How do you make sure your affiliates meet your cyber security standards?

Dean Drako: Thanks to our collaboration with numerous camera partners, Eagle Eye can be used with more than 2,000 different cameras.

We work with the best professional distributors and integrators to maintain and install our products. Depending on the partner type, there are several advantages. First, for distributors: Because it’s a cloud service, Eagle Eye Networks has more control over the software and platform (the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS). Our team of security professionals work around the clock and can maintain the cybersecurity solution more comprehensively than would be possible with an on-premise solution. In addition, we offer our customers and distributors training and advice on the right installation. These two measures ensure optimal cybersecurity. Camera manufacturers can say: Our architecture and infrastructure are purposefully designed to protect customer data. Our architecture typically isolates the cameras from the customer’s network and the Internet, making it much safer to use than a traditional configuration.

Which target group are you addressing?

Dean Drako:We address business customers of all types and sizes. Both business value and usability increase exponentially with the number of sites in a true cloud solution. Data management in the cloud is extremely cost effective. Customers only pay for the services they actually use. There is no software to install or manage. This significantly reduces installation, maintenance and IT personnel costs. In addition, the problem of aging technology can be avoided, which is a huge advantage, especially for large companies. Why should companies constantly spend money on new hardware? We invested heavily in a platform which provides a powerful enterprise solution – with easy user management, multi-site monitoring and management. If the internet connection fails, the Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS will continue to work properly. The recordings are not interrupted. The Eagle Eye Bridge on site is permanently connected to the cameras in the site and monitors their status. Once the Internet connection is restored, the video is securely transferred to the cloud.

Do cloud-based SaaS solutions find sufficient acceptance in Europe?

Dean Drako: For video applications, the US is still ahead in terms of cloud adoption. However, in the last twelve months, Europe has caught up strongly. This is due to the increased ease of use, the cost advantages, the increased functionality of mobile applications, and the general increase in cloud adoption for IT. Very high bandwidths are available in countries such as Denmark, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands and Belgium. In these countries, Eagle Eye Networks is experiencing significant growth, which is now spreading to the UK, Spain and Germany. We provide advanced technologies for bandwidth management and encryption. This allows the use of the VMS even at low bandwidth. There are many reasons for switching to the cloud.

You have set up your own cloud infrastructure for this?

Dean Drako:We could have handled our cloud needs through external vendors like AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google, but we decided to build our own cloud infrastructure to provide the required levels of security, guaranteed local compliance, the necessary cost recovery and, if possible, one low video latency. One of the keys to a successful cloud and cyber business is full ownership of the entire technology and infrastructure, as this is the only way to deliver the optimal product. Our in-house expertise enables us to overcome all hurdles, solve any customer problems and meet demand. If I want to offer the world’s best video surveillance solution, I can not take the risk to rely on an outsourcing solution in the cloud. With regard to the data storage requirements and provisions of the GDPR, we have set up numerous additional data centers in Europe.

How different is the German market for data protection from other markets? What are the biggest challenges?

Dean Drako:Germany has always been a leading market for new technologies. Our impression from Essen is that Germany can hardly wait for the cloud-based video surveillance. When we talk about our roots in cyber security and the integration of the cloud, the Germans are extremely interested. In our opinion, the opening of the data center in Frankfurt was a necessary step for entry into the German market. The Germans quickly realized that we can take the concerns about the cloud and security very seriously and refute. I’m the founder of cybersecurity provider Barracuda Networks, which focuses on providing cloud-based firewalls, virus and spam protection, and delivering its offerings as a cloud subscription service. If there is a data breach in a retailer, credibility is gone. Nevertheless, the company may continue to exist because its core competencies lie in other areas that the public continues to consider important. With us, safety is our competence and our rescue rope in one.

What goals have you set for the near future?

Dean Drake:Over the past year and a half, we’ve focused on expanding our business globally and engaging with more local locations, especially in Europe. To improve regional coverage and local support, we have opened additional data centers in Dubai, London and Frankfurt, in addition to our data center in the Netherlands. We also opened a new Eagle Eye Networks office in Japan and closed new distribution partnerships in Scandinavia and Spain. The user interface was localized in seven languages. Over the next few months, we will be attracting and training distribution partners in Europe with enormous effort. The focus is on Germany and its neighboring countries. The opening of additional data centers in Europe is planned. We invest heavily in AI, Analysis solutions and Big Data. Last month, for example, we added a solution for monitoring people loitering our analytics suite. Thanks to the cloud, we can develop additional analysis and AI functions and make them available to our customers. ”

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