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August 16, 2019 Eagle Eye Networks

Doubts about “Security in the Cloud” are unnecessary

Although nowadays everyone makes conscious use of the “cloud”, the security sector is still cautious in this area. “A pity,” says Maarten-Martijn van Poelgeest of Niefra Security in the Netherlands. “Because if you make the right choices, Security in the Cloud is even much safer than traditional security systems.”
According to technical account manager Maarten-Martijn van Poelgeest, it is mainly fear of the unknown that prevents security companies from using cloud services. “Security is sensitive. Just think of camera images and access. That shields you as much as possible from the outside world. Then you think it’s safe. That may be true, but a closed system is not what people expect nowadays. We want access to our information quickly and easily everywhere and that also applies to information about security. With a cloud solution that is possible and also very safe. ”

Camera surveillance and access control
In order to properly respond to the changing demand in the market, Niefra, located near Amsterdam in the Netherlands, has entered into a partnership with Eagle Eye Networks and Brivo. The first provides camera surveillance in the cloud, while the second specializes in electronic access. Brivo and Eagle Eye Networks share the same owner since 2015. They are both active worldwide and are experiencing enormous growth. To prevent conflicts with legislation, it uses local data centers.

For example, data from the Netherlands is processed in a German data center. “This company specializes in security, so you understand that everything possible is being done to prevent a breach of data,” continues Van Poelgeest. “We are convinced that with Eagle Eye Networks and Brivo we can offer extremely secure security solutions.”

Burglary and fire detection could also be secured via the cloud in theory, according to Van Poelgeest, but that will take several years due to the regulations. “Of course you have apps that communicate with the panel via the cloud, but the processing of alarms will continue to be done locally for the time being. With camera surveillance and access control you have more freedom in terms of regulations, so you see these applications go to the cloud first. And that goes fast. I was recently with a client with a somewhat outdated access system. I showed how easy it was to copy the cards with a device from AliExpress. However, his system still worked well. I was nevertheless allowed to make an offer which was accepted because only new readers and cards were needed. Of course you have recurring costs for the cloud service, but then you have a system that is always up-to-date and offers exactly what you need. ”

Getting used to it
The recurring costs, according to Van Poelgeest, are something the market still has to get used to. “We are used to spending money once and now you have to deal with monthly costs. However, developments are going faster and faster, so you have to spend money more often. With security in the Cloud you prevent such capital destruction and you always have the newest of the newest in house. ”And if the internet connection fails? “No problem,” Van Poelgeest replies. “The security systems are naturally prepared for that. Everything will continue to function locally when the internet is out. True, you can’t access it from a distance, but that is not possible with a local system either. ”


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