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Eagle Eye Networks Announces Cloud Video API which Scales to Big Data Analytics

May 27, 2014 Hans Kahler

CEO Dean Drako says API will Open New Frontiers in Video Applications

EE WingsAUSTIN, Texas, May 27, 2014 – Eagle Eye Networks, Inc., provider of a cloud managed, on-demand security and operations video management system, today announced the Eagle Eye Video API, targeted at businesses and developers integrating video into their applications.  The Eagle Eye Video API provides a robust set of storage, analytics, indexing, and interfaces for quickly building or integrating applications with both live and recorded video; the applications can range from very simple or highly complex.

The video surveillance market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19.1% through 2019, reaching more than $42 billion, according to Transparency Market Research.


It’s been estimated that less than 1% of this video is ever used.  Due to the extraordinary volume and variety of data, the video has been hard to access, and difficult to search and manipulate.  As a result, the number of applications built utilizing surveillance video has been modest.

“Streaming video from cameras is an under-utilized resource,” said Dean Drako, President and CEO of Eagle Eye Networks. “The Eagle Eye Video API dramatically changes this, allowing developers to fully harness video content in their applications without having to worry about a complex infrastructure, in the same way that Twilio allows them to easily incorporate voice, VoIP and SMS.” 

Cloud-based API eliminates high infrastructure burden of traditional Video System Integrations

Traditional video management system integrations require developers and integrators to purchase and install servers, storage, and software, plus hire staff to assemble and maintain the infrastructure before they can begin development.

The cloud Eagle Eye Video API, accessed through a simple-to-use RESTful Application Programming Interface (API), completely eliminates this overhead. Its RESTful API approach is easy to use, scalable, secure, reliable, and redundant.

The Eagle Eye Video API can be used for integration, analysis, big data research, and development of new applications. Eagle Eye does the heavy lifting of capturing, storing, and indexing the video and events.

The platform uses the Eagle Eye Big Data Video Framework™, with time based data structures for indexing, search, retrieval and analysis of the video. It then offers API access to integrate alerts, user interfaces, applications, and analysis ranging from simple searches to Big Data analytics.

The Eagle Eye Video API Features

“Cloud-based APIs have reinvigorated innovation across multiple industries,” said Dean Drako. “Eagle Eye’s Video API brings this technology to video surveillance cameras, enabling developers to create and deliver scalable innovations faster and with far fewer resources. This opens up tremendous opportunities in this high growth market. ”

Eagle Eye’s unmatched features, unparalleled security, scalability, and rapid on-demand deployment give a time-to-market advantage in delivering applications. Some of the functionality available:

  1. Streaming live video
  2. Recording and storage of continuous video
  3. Time Lapse video creation
  4. Video format conversion (for different devices)
  5. Notification and alert engine
  6. Real time Analytics
  7. Post-processing Big Data Analytics
  8. Seamless integration with thousands of camera models – both IP and analog
  9. On-site buffering for when the internet goes down or bandwidth is limited
  10. Redundant and scalable storage


Unlimited New Applications for Underutilized Cameras

70% of the traffic on the Internet is video, but almost none of that is from surveillance cameras. With the Eagle Eye Video API, existing security cameras can be transformed into intelligent tools for sales, marketing, business operations improvement and planning, social media, and more.

Developers, integrators and businesses can search, modify, tag, play, share, and stream the video in their apps with a few lines of code.  They can leverage existing cameras, build new video surveillance systems, create video alerting applications, improve traditional integrations of Point-of-Sale and Access Control systems, and much more.

Some examples of what developers, resellers and end users can quickly build with the Eagle Eye Video API platform are:

–        Customer service improvements

–        Employee Training systems

–        Embedded video for mobile or web applications

–        Command and control system integration

–        Long term storage and sharing of video events

–        Alert and notification systems with video or images

–        Access control systems with video

–        Animal and environment monitoring

–        Automated cash register monitoring

–        Automated video correction and editing

–        Traffic pattern analysis (people, cars, animals)

–        Advertising optimization based on viewers

–        Demographic identification and response

–        Virtual doorman services

For more information on the Eagle Eye Video API, click here.

Pricing and Availability

The Eagle Eye Video API is available immediately. There is no additional charge to use the API.  Subscriptions for the Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS start at $4.99 per camera per month.


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