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2021 Trends in Video Surveillance

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2020 imparted a worldwide pandemic. Social unrest. Political divisiveness. Unprecedented wildfires. And a near record-breaking hurricane/typhoon season. As relieved as the world may be to put this challenging year behind us, all these disparate-yet-connected events didn’t magically disappear once the ball dropped on midnight, December 31.

In fact, this continued uncertainty around the globe is the underlying issue for most, if not all, of the security industry trends we’re predicting for 2021. For example, it’s accelerating the move to the cloud, amplifying the call for safety coupled with privacy, and emphasizing the need for accurate data and analytics with which to make faster, better, more informed decisions.

Here’s how our experts see the coming year unfolding for the video security industry.

2021 Trends in Video Surveillance

  1. Customers are asking for the cloud.  
  2. Advanced analytics (AI) will transform video surveillance systems into even more valuable business solutions.
  3. Video surveillance compliance requirements are constantly evolving. 
  4. IT departments are now engaging with, and in many cases owning video surveillance. 
  5. Customers are expecting their systems to be open and connected, as the value becomes more clear.